137 Buelah Apple: Don’t Haight the Game….

[Written by “Eddy”:]

One thirty seven Buelah is one of those homes that just screams San Francisco charm and it has all the makings for what many families are looking for in a home here in the city (e.g., curb appeal, close to shopping, parking, etc.)
It’s no wonder that this property closed escrow back in 2006 in only 26 days and over asking at $1.59M.   It’s a little more surprising, however, to see that this same home just closed escrow in 2011, again for over asking, and in only 33 days for $1.61M.  It goes without saying that buying a good property with highly desirable features is a good strategy. This is a classic example of a well appointed home, commanding tons of interest, and getting a good price in two different real estate markets (2006 & 2011).

A few more pics after the jump:

Inner-Sunset Sprouting Condos

Inner-Sunset, home to much good food, a few good bars, a few bad bars, the prohibitively expensive Andronico’s, and UCSF, will soon be home to new condos. On my block alone (9th Ave., past Moraga St.) there are two sites going up or planned to go up. One is adjacent to my deck, where I once saw the Bay, and now see the back of someone’s bedroom to be. I have no idea if this very tall building will be apartments for rent or condos for sale, but it will have several units, a garage, and a penthouse. On the other side of the street, where a long defunt Moraga Market has been little more than place to try out graffiti tags and dump unwanted sofas, construction is also in the works. The lot has sold, a hearing has taken place. All that’s left is to break ground.

Finally, quite done are the condos on 7th Ave., near Irving St. The photo above is from before the facades were placed. Now they are gorgeous Art Deco looking things with burnished copper and huge windows. The agent, Gary Small of Zephyr, tells me that the units are luxury one and two bedroom condos with underground parking, and that the two free-standing cottages that stood in a lot behind the building that sits on the street have been revamped. Some lucky millionare can thus own a little house all his or her own!

It’s the most action the Inner-Sunset has seen since a bunch of drunks from the Mucky Duck tried to scale a MUNI train. Sadly for we middle income buyers, the luxury condo lable means these new homes, exciting though they are, will not be ours.

Oh well. Drinking at the Mucky Duck is always an alternative.

PHOTO: Socketsite

From $2.2 To $1.995, To $1.895, To $1.795, To $1.775 To SOLD At $1.7 (34 Ashbury Terrace)

We keep trying to tell you, but some of you just don’t listen…it’s a great time to be a buyer.

Take for example this 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2200 square foot single family home at 34 Ashbury Terrace.


Last sold in December of 2002 for $1,400,000 (not overbid btw), this home recently hit the market in September for $2,200,000. After languishing on the market for what must have felt like an eternity, and the agent and seller having a coming to Jesus about the new state of the market (happens to us all the time these days), the price was chopped, and chopped again (from $2.2, to $1.995, to $1.895, to $1.795, to $1.775). Low and behold it has finally sold. Selling price $1,700,000. A steal by all accounts. Victory for the buyer, victory for the seller, and we’d love to come set up a telescope to check those views.

34 Ashbury Terrace [MLS]

A Worse Punishment for Sisyphus: Policing Noise in a Metropolis

Hello out there, theFrontStep Readers! You may (or just as likely, may not) know my name from my blogs for Redfin. I’ve kindly been invited to write also for theFrontSteps, so here I am, on the steps, with my first blog.

So here’s the setting: last night, 2:00am, sultry night, people walking up from the bars, falling down, giggling. That noise doesn’t bother me much. I’d have to be a hypocrite if I tried to pretend I’ve never, after closing time, made too much noise under someone’s window as I staggered home. But another noise does bother me: some a-hole flooring his car and slamming on the breaks as he reaches the stop sign in front of my house. Then, from fully stationary, he floods the car again, tyring to go from zero to sixty instantaneously. Then he screeches off, circles the block, and comes back to do it again.

But we all live in a city. We can’t really expect quiet, can we? We can hope for it, and maybe in some areas, get it most of the time. But in the end, we’re sharing with a lot of people, some of them loud and possibly crazy. That’s why this new law aiming to curb SF noise interests me.

New Realtor “tactics”, a dog, a quote, and no contact info? (1445 Cole)

From a reader:

Hi guys,

Have you seen this listing?


I live a block away, and got a little invitation in my mailbox for a “private viewing” complete with wine and snacks, [five days ago]. I couldn’t go, so I haven’t seen the property, but I thought this was definitely a new tactic–esp. in this neighborhood. Thought you might be interested.

We’re always interested in what you (the readers) have to say, so keep sending those tips.

We do however, have some questions regarding the property website:

1) What’s up with the dog?

2) Can a Gustav Stickley quote help sell a home?

3) Where’s the agent contact info on the site (please, please, please correct us if we’ve overlooked it)?

That’s all for now…okay, one more…how about some bigger photos? Might we suggest using OpenHomesPhotography the next time around?

17th & Clayton: What we said on theFrontSteps.org

We gave you a look at the bones and early details of 17th & Clayton a long time ago on theFrontSteps.com, and we’re happy to say, they’re now ready for you to visit (literally, and virtually):

Early reports are positive, and open houses were very busy (~150 people through first open house). Trophy property? We leave that up to you to decide. Eye-catching? Definitely.

We are fond of this kitchen, that’s for sure.

So what about the wind that whips through there? Do high winds and extremely moist conditions (fog) speed up the patination process. Hmmmm….. We’re still fans of that kitchen.

4588-4590 17th Street [website/Zephyr]

Hip Hip Hooray!…and $300,000 over (4924 17th)

We know, we know…stop cheerleading, it doesn’t serve us well. It really doesn’t indicate any sort of bearing as to our real estate market. It’s just rubbish. It only happens on the high end, but it happens, and you need to know about it.


4924 17th St. asking $3,600,000, selling $3,900,000. Listed 10/19/2007, “pending” 10/31/2007, sold today 12/10/2007…cash. Apparently, these buyers don’t care about the memo.

4924 17th St. [mls]

Sittin’ on the Deck by the Bay (1580 Masonic)

From Greg Angilly

Deck of the Week – 1580 Masonic Ave


Last week’s deck offered unreal views of San Francisco from an unsuspecting location – Hayes Valley. This week, our deck’s don’t have a single view of the city. The 2 decks in the rear of 1580 Masonic Ave face the extremely peaceful and tranquil yard/garden. Located in Ashbury Heights/Cole Valley, 1580 Masonic is an incredible home opening onto a two-tiered deck. The deck is accessed from several rooms in the house and leads directly to a yard which is perfect for entertaining. Hopefully the future owners will purchase a BBQ, a weather proof ping pong table for the rear (think Finnigan’s Wake) and invite me to the house warming party!



Sittin On the Deck by the Bay (270 Linden) [theFrontSteps…Greg Angilly]

17th & Clayton Pics of new development and some “luv”

Following up to our post regarding the new construction on the corner of 17th & Clayton, our reader “luv” sent us these pictures:


What this will be is four, 4-level town homes, around 1500-1800 square feet each. Three of the homes will be 3BR/3.5BA, the fourth will be 3BR/3BA. Each home will have two decks, a backyard, parking, high ceilings and superior finishes.

Construction is expected to be completed early 2008; pricing has not yet been determined.

We luv our readers! You keep us going, and you saved us a trip. Thank you!