New Realtor “tactics”, a dog, a quote, and no contact info? (1445 Cole)

From a reader:

Hi guys,

Have you seen this listing?

I live a block away, and got a little invitation in my mailbox for a “private viewing” complete with wine and snacks, [five days ago]. I couldn’t go, so I haven’t seen the property, but I thought this was definitely a new tactic–esp. in this neighborhood. Thought you might be interested.

We’re always interested in what you (the readers) have to say, so keep sending those tips.

We do however, have some questions regarding the property website:

1) What’s up with the dog?

2) Can a Gustav Stickley quote help sell a home?

3) Where’s the agent contact info on the site (please, please, please correct us if we’ve overlooked it)?

That’s all for now…okay, one more…how about some bigger photos? Might we suggest using OpenHomesPhotography the next time around?

5 thoughts on “New Realtor “tactics”, a dog, a quote, and no contact info? (1445 Cole)

  1. The State of California licensing requirements for a cosmetologist are

    more stringent than the requirements for a realtor. make your own deductions.

  2. I didn’t see any “contact info,” but the 1445 cole page is titled “a jon taylor listing.” I’ll take that as a hint.

    I think the dog, and the house, are great. Too bad 2 mil is more than I can afford.

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