From $2.2 To $1.995, To $1.895, To $1.795, To $1.775 To SOLD At $1.7 (34 Ashbury Terrace)

We keep trying to tell you, but some of you just don’t listen…it’s a great time to be a buyer.

Take for example this 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2200 square foot single family home at 34 Ashbury Terrace.


Last sold in December of 2002 for $1,400,000 (not overbid btw), this home recently hit the market in September for $2,200,000. After languishing on the market for what must have felt like an eternity, and the agent and seller having a coming to Jesus about the new state of the market (happens to us all the time these days), the price was chopped, and chopped again (from $2.2, to $1.995, to $1.895, to $1.795, to $1.775). Low and behold it has finally sold. Selling price $1,700,000. A steal by all accounts. Victory for the buyer, victory for the seller, and we’d love to come set up a telescope to check those views.

34 Ashbury Terrace [MLS]

One thought on “From $2.2 To $1.995, To $1.895, To $1.795, To $1.775 To SOLD At $1.7 (34 Ashbury Terrace)

  1. i saw this place and it was pretty beat and definitley dated, so that 2.2 was a pipe dream. do you really think this is a good deal at 772/ sq foot for a smallish 2200 with a tiny, heavily shaded back patio , almost no room to expand , and very little storage ? it’s basically a dated six room house.

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