theFrontSteps Private Listings

We post most of our off market listings on our Featured Properties page you can find here, but still more are completely under the radar, and we’re privy to many, many other properties available for purchase.

Sell your home, keep your privacy, get your price.

Listing your home privately, or “off market”, allows you to control what information is shared about you and your home while still getting exposure to the top agents in and around San Francisco. And you only sell if you get your price.

What You Can Expect

A private listing is an off-market home that we can share directly with our colleagues and their buyers. Property details aren’t disseminated widely and won’t appear on public home search websites.*


Privacy is paramount. Your decision to sell is a personal one. The world does not need to know


You decide how much information, if any, to share publicly. Timing & marketing is tailored to your schedule. Test your price privately, collect feedback and insight for a public strategy, if needed.


Only qualified buyers, agents, and those in the know visiting your home.

Reasons Why You Might Choose to Sell Privately:

  • You’re a person of public interest
  • Family changes like marriage or divorce
  • Health issues
  • Privacy concerns
  • Not a fan of open houses
  • A home full of valuable art and possessions
  • New job or relocation
  • Financial circumstances

Customer Testimonials

As an expert in the “off market” or “private” sale of many homes in and around San Francisco, I can categorically state this avenue as an excellent choice for sellers and buyers alike. It affords an opportunity to test an aggressive price, and discover what buyer demand is out there. Connecting with someone like myself to not only gain access to these homes, but also have this available for your sale is priceless. – Alex Clark, Founder | Realtor®

I had the pleasure of working with Alex Spring of 2019 to sell my home privately in the Richmond district.  Alex is extremely knowledgable about the market and made the process seamless. He is smart, reliable, has a great sense of humor, and always put my interests first. I chose Alex based on the fact I trusted him and knew he had excellent knowledge of the market.  Alex made what could have been a very stressful process a very seamless process and I highly recommend him to either a buyer or a seller.

– SF Seller

Alex helped me sell my investment property and it couldn’t have gone smoother. After my tenants moved out I handed him the keys and in 3 weeks my place was painted, staged, listed then sold. I didn’t even step foot into my property during the process as I had the utmost confidence and trust in Alex. I’ve known Alex for over 5 years and know that he is well tuned into the city, he is tactful, efficient, responsive and very easy to work with. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have had him sell my property. I highly recommend him as a real estate broker to anyone looking for property or wanting to buy in San Francisco. 10 Golden Stars!!!

– SF Seller

*Local MLS rules and regulations may apply.