17th & Clayton Pics of new development and some “luv”

Following up to our post regarding the new construction on the corner of 17th & Clayton, our reader “luv” sent us these pictures:


What this will be is four, 4-level town homes, around 1500-1800 square feet each. Three of the homes will be 3BR/3.5BA, the fourth will be 3BR/3BA. Each home will have two decks, a backyard, parking, high ceilings and superior finishes.

Construction is expected to be completed early 2008; pricing has not yet been determined.

We luv our readers! You keep us going, and you saved us a trip. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “17th & Clayton Pics of new development and some “luv”

  1. Does anyone have any pricing/estimates on the 17th & Clayton Properties? I stopped by the Zephyr booth at the Fillmore fair recently and asked them to email me the details but nothing yet.


    [Editor’s note: As of right now, no. But I have an email out to the agent involved in the transaction that provided the details in the first place. Check back, or contact Josh Nasvik at Zephyr…tell him we sent you.]

  2. I checked with the source of our information. No word on pricing yet. Still 6 months out from completion.

    Thanks for reading, and commenting. Now if you’d be so kind as to go tell everyone you know about theFrontSteps.com, it’d be much appreciated.


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