Åsa & Christer | Central Richmond & Haight

Alex is great to work with. We recently found our new home and despite a very tight timeline he helped us not only get our offer in our time, but he was able to skillfully negotiate on our behalf, and helped us land the deal. We could not be happier! Alex is extremely responsive, easy and fun to work with, offers thoughtful advice, and has a rich network of vendors and contractors that he shares with his clients. Alex also helped us sell our SF condo and it was a very seamless process. We highly recommend working with Alex.

Helena & Jose | Cole Valley Condominium

After 6 happy years enjoining this wonderful neighborhood, we are sad to bid farewell to this lovely community! We just sold our house in Cole Valley, and we had very good experience with Alexander Clark, from theFrontSteps.com. If anyone is interested in a real estate agent who understand the region, we recommend Alex. He managed to sell our property even without publicly listing our property! The sale process went very smoothly, and we closed the deal in just one week.
Since I learned myself about Alex on social media, I though I should recommend him back :-)

Suzie Yang | Outer Parkside / Ocean Beach View Property On The Great Highway

Alex helped me sell my investment property and it couldn’t have gone smoother. After my tenants moved out I handed him the keys and in 3 weeks my place was painted, staged, listed then sold. I didn’t even step foot into my property during the process as I had the utmost confidence and trust in Alex. I’ve known Alex for over 5 years and know that he is well tuned into the city, he is tactful, efficient, responsive and very easy to work with. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have had him sell my property. I highly recommend him as a real estate broker to anyone looking for property or wanting to buy in San Francisco. 10 Golden Stars!!!

Ricki-Ellen Brooke & Charly Buckbee

Alex is a rock star! He guided us through selling our house off-MLS, which we preferred, and found us the perfect buyer offering a quick close. This was a first-time house sale for us, and Alex answered all our questions patiently, promptly, and thoroughly. We couldn’t be happier!

Leslie Kanis | Russian Hill Investment Property

Alex is as good as it gets! It was a pleasure working with him to purchase our large San Francisco investment Property. He is extremely professional, has clear communication, clearly laid out important dates of the transaction and made sure we were taken care of. Would recommend Alex Clark to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home in the San Francisco area and beyond as he very knowledge about San Francisco and the outer areas.

-Leslie Kanis

Pastor McBride & Mother Mary Nelson | Cole Valley Single Family / Church

Alex is a blessing to the Church Of The Living God PG of T. His personal, hands on approach helped me as well as our church members feel comfortable with the whole process of selling the Church and all that would be required from us. His professional attitude helped us get through periods of uncertainty during the process. He also went to great lengths to get us the time we needed to prepare for the move that will be required. I am proud to have him be apart of the COTLG family. Thanks Alex for all that you do.
God bless
-Pastor McBride, Mary Nelson

Mark A. Harris | Russian Hill Multi Unit Development

As an investor in San Francisco, I have relied on Alex to bring me quality projects. He is incredibly well connected in the SF Real Estate community and knows how to get stuff done. His laid back demeanor makes him very easy to work with, however he is tenacious in his negotiating and works super smart on his client’s behalf. He is always willing to take my call and responds to questions quickly. I have never had to worry about the deal getting done or whether Alex is working in my best interest. This is definitely a life long partnership.

Mark A. Harris

Erin H. / Windsor Terrace Residence

Alex is an outstanding agent. We worked together for 2.5 years in search of just the right home for me and my daughters. Over that time, Alex showed me dozens of homes and helped me put in several strong offers in a very competitive neighborhood and market. Alex provided the perfect balance in an agent — he was responsive to my needs and respectful of my decisions as a buyer and aggressive in representing me to the sellers agent, always adeptly managing to get my offers to rise to the top. This home buying journey was well played and well worth the wait. This week I received the keys to my forever home. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Alex!

Denis & Mercy | 754 18th Ave

Alex helped us sell our home and buy a new home, both in San Francisco in 2017. Alex understands the market very well and brought a skilled team of stagers, painters and handymen to prepare our home for sale and make it look great. They’re a good group to work with, they all know what sells in the current market and got our place ready and looking great in quick time. Alex’s sales and marketing skills are one of his strengths.

The sale price of our home exceeded our expectations and set a new high for the neighborhood. On the buy side, once we found a home we wanted, Alex was a tiger in pushing our bid forward against multiple competitive offers. It helped that Alex had a prior working relationship with the seller’s Realtor. After some negotiation, our bid was accepted and we’re very happy in our new home.

Thanks to Alex. In both buy and sell transactions, Alex stayed closely involved throughout and handled any bumps. You can trust Alex to take care of your buying or selling of your home.

p.s. we’re very happy with our new home, love the views, garden, great location and neighborhood…thank you!
Denis and Mercy

Jason L.

This is the third time that I’ve availed myself of Alex’s services to purchase a home in San Francisco. Needless to say, I’m a repeat client —— and I will continue to be one so long as Alex continues to plug away in the same tireless and dedicated fashion done for me in the past – especially as I’ve watched him grow and refine his service over the past decade.

The usual banal litany of real estate professional superlatives apply. He’s available day or night to take questions / concerns. He’s got his pulse on homes that are off-market and not listed on the MLS so that you can maximize your search breadth. He’s tireless in his pursuit of seller’s agents to ensure you’re “in the game” (SF being a high demand / low supply market) even if your offer on a piece of property isn’t the highest or have the best terms.

However, the one quality that I really value in Alex is his incredibly calm and laid back manner that is closely coupled with his personal motto – “Always be nice.” This pays off for you and for him in spades when things get contentious. Need someone to schmooze the selling agent to clue you in on what the other offers on a piece of property are coming in at? That’s Alex. Need someone to get you in to a property on one hour’s notice to do an mini-inspection after the property is supposedly no longer open to yet more bids? That’s Alex. Need someone to help you gracefully find a way to charm the seller into signing a legal affidavit about the property — AFTER you’ve already signed the sales contract and AFTER you already were supposed to have read all the disclosures? That’s Alex.

Frankly – buying a home is an emotional affair. As much as one wants to be as logical about it as possible, unless your last name is Spock, there will be some drama involved. Alex knows how to make molehills out of mountains – and he will help you get it done.