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Opportunity For Fence Sitting Sellers And Desperate Buyers

Are you somebody that lives in San Francisco, has a home that is either on one level or contains an elevator, and you’ve been on the fence about selling your home? has a buyer for you, they aren’t picky about their neighborhood, and they have $2,000,000 to spend.

Maybe you are a resident living in Pacific Heights, Sea Cliff, Cow Hollow, or Presidio Heights and you don’t want all the hullabaloo of listing on MLS, but you’d love for a buyer to come take a look at your home. has a couple of those multi-million dollar buyers too.

Are you a buyer looking for a two unit building in the Marina? has that too!

The moral of this story is if you are a buyer or seller anywhere in the United States, and especially in San Francisco (our hottest market), you should not only be visiting the site yourselves, but telling your real estate agent to do the same. There are opportunities galore, and it’s getting better every day!

-Single Family Home Buyer Needing One Level Or Elevator Home
-Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Cow Hollow, Sea Cliff Buyer []
-Marina Two Unit Building “Not On MLS”, $2,800,000 []

~3800 Square Foot Sea Cliff Home (Fixer) For You

If you have it in you to get an A+ Sea Cliff property with views like this
…. give me shout, because have I got the roughly 3800 square foot home on a roughly 5600 square foot lot on the end of Lake Street just for you.

Principals only please. I am NOT representing the seller, but I’ve known about it for a while. I’ve tried to get it for a couple developers already, but to no avail. It looks like the asking price will cut the developers out of the picture, thus only making sense for a family looking to buy a Sea Cliff fixer, sink $500,000+ into it, and end up with their dream $3.5MM to $4MM property in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods. So if you fit that description, give me a shout and we can talk about the property and how I can help you get it.

A Dream Buyer Carrying $2,500,000 Cash, Looking For A Good Home

Are you a San Francisco Realtor with a Lake District or Sea Cliff home one of your clients would be willing to sell? Well…we just found your dream buyer:

Very motivated all cash buyers looking for a SFR that meets the following requirements:

-$2.5M or less
-3 Beds/2 Baths+
-Around 3000 sq. ft.
-Large bedrooms
-Good condition w / some original detail
– Lake Dist., Laurel Heights, Jordan Lake, Inner/Central Richmond, or Sea Cliff

We keep telling you, there is opportunity galore showing up on all across the country. If you’re not on there yet, you’re missing out, and you’re going to miss the boat. Mark our words on that.

-Lake District Buyer Need around $2.5M []

134 32nd Ave. Quietly Marketed “Off Market”

You can look from this angle:

…or this angle:

…or this angle, and you’ll find the same house. You can also look right here or right here and you’ll get pretty darn close, but if you look right here, or here or here, you’ll come up empty as this home has “not been on the market in over 30 years,” but it’s available right now, as we speak…just not on MLS. Price? A cool $2,000,000 for four bedrooms, three baths, three parking spaces, one great hiking trail, golf course, beach, and museum out your door, and one big landmark (Golden Gate Bridge) view around every corner.

-Sea Cliff Pocket Listing []

Another Reason to Love Living Here: The Heights

Seacliff in San Francisco

Fridays are for less serious real estate topic-age, so here is a meaningless poll and a tribute to another characteristic that makes SF unique.

Riding my bike through the Presidio last Saturday, I decided to cruise Presidio Heights. And oh my, the elevation-  in status, I mean. It’s dizzying. The homes are palatial, complete with giant grand pianos, harps, chandeliers,  all of which one can glimpse through elaborate stained glass windows. This got me wondering: why did I pick “teacher” as a career path?

But I digress. From a real estate standpoint, which Heights are really the highest (as in, highest class)? Where would you most desire to spend your halcyon days?

For my money, the top four are Presidio Heights, Pacific Heights, Telegraph Hill, and Sea Cliff.

No offense to any other Heights or Hills. Let’s be honest: SF is chock full of breath taking views from almost every corner (and I’d be thrilled to own a house in any of them), but if we include proximity to open space (like the Presidio or the ocean), the size of the homes and their lots, yards (front, back, side) and those cool carriage houses in back that are bigger than most people’s primary residences, then really, these four take the cake.

But I’m a sucker for parks and beaches, and if I have to pick from there, it’s sand and surf forever. My vote then is Sea Cliff.

Here are four ridiculously lush listings, one in each of my hypothetical contender’s neighborhoods. Study them, perhaps shedding a tear for your own career choice. From your own city explorer insight, which height is really the tops? Are certain areas more steady as investments? Are these places really worth all this dough? And are there really still enough buyers for places like this? After all, the four below are just four of myriad listings on the MLS for well over 3 million dollars, when the the San Francisco Census put the median income in our fair city at less than $70k.

2901 Broadway (Pacific Heights) (7 Bedroom mansion for $45 million.)

37 Presidio Ave (Presidio Heights)  (7 Bedroom single family for or $5, 395,000)

632 El Camino Del Mar (Sea Cliff) (5 Bedroom single family for $9,000,000)

 1454 Kearny St. (Telegraph Hill) (3 Bedroom single family for $3,500,000)


Sea Cliff shot via Panoramio

“A Trip Down Lake Street”

There have been a lot of Google searches and even more emails coming to us wondering if we can “point [you] in the direction of the ‘Walk Down Lake Street'” from sfnewsletter that many of you saw mentioned in this article on SFGate. Those that have already read it already know that we added a few comments that didn’t make the cut.

So if you missed the walk, here it is. In its entirety: [Follow the break] Continue reading

Friday Pool Party! (610 El Camino del Mar)

It’s Friday. We’re sparing you from the video, and instead bringing more real estate porn in the form of 610 El Camino del Mar for $6.2M, and that includes the pool.


Not so sure about that pirate ship that appears to be floating over the water, but for $6.2M, we guess you get to make your own rules. Or maybe those pirates stole the high resolution photos. Hmmm.

-610 El Camino del Mar [sfnewsletter listing detail]

$605,000 less than it was (2801 Lake)… actually $1,205,000 less.

Originally listed at $4.2M in 2003, 2801 Lake was hacked to $3.6M and just recently hacked again to the current price of $2,995,000. That is a MAJOR reduction that may or may not indicate something about the market, but it sure as hell indicates something about staging and getting your home ready to sell.




There were so many of these rooms, it was hard to pick just one, so I went with the picture medley. Now I’ll go bandage my bleeding lips, as I had to bite them so hard to refrain from commenting. Maybe we should see who can come up with the best caption for each photo. Photos 1-4, starting on the top.

Happy Friday!

[Update: Sold for $2,580,000 on 12/18/2007]

Various Updates (Alhambra, Sea Cliff, 22nd, Sacramento, Douglass, 27th, and more)


Our readers have been asking in various places about some properties we featured as of late. Since so many have asked so nicely here you go:

3280 22nd St @ Valencia, the “green” building that all the blogs were all hot about and many claiming wouldn’t sell. Guess what? Last week, in the middle of all the mortgage market meltdown drama, all three condos had offer dates (very ambitious) and all are now in contract. The two bed, two bath units were priced at $849,000 and $899,000. The top floor, two-level, three bed, two bath condo was asking $1,399,000. Photos.

318 27th St featured in Greg’s “Sittin’ on the deck by the Bay” was indeed apparently a good find. From what we can tell, it went into contract within the first weeks of being on the market, fell out, then went right back in. (Unconfirmed and according to MLS.) Photos.

689 Douglass is still “pending”, but flew into contract. 2679 Sacramento is getting stale withdrawn (possibly to avoid staledom and thanks Pete and Eddy for the tip).

245 Alhambra…no tengo nada! Lo siento “Boomtime”!

In case you missed it, all the properties in this post are as follows: 1330 Chestnut (pending); 2255 Washington (active); 2249 Washington (pending); 2745 Laguna (pending); 3042 Jackson (in contract); 2865 Jackson (sold for $1.7M asking $1.59M); 2130 Beach (pending).

25 Sea Cliff sold $4,550,000, asking $4,095,000.

In summary: 13 of these 15 properties are on track to sell, and sell quickly, if they haven’t sold already.

If we missed any, or you have any questions about our market or real estate, just drop us a line.

When paintings smile, homes sell

smiley.jpgYou’re going to have to check the MLS link to see what the hell we’re talking about in regards to the smiling painting, but 25 Sea Cliff, a 5 bed, 6 bath, 4760 square foot home in (do we have to say it) Sea Cliff spent nary two weeks on the market and is already in contract.


What more can we say, but it must have had something to do with the painting, because we’ve been hearing from many a person that the market is not that good, so it couldn’t be that all those people are wrong.