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Overbids, $6MM Underbid, Pocket Listings, And Everything You Need...

Overbids, $6MM Underbid, Pocket Listings, And Everything You Need...

Before you dive into this list of top 10 Overbids for the week, make sure to check this Underbid of the Decade (former residence of Nicolas Cage). Top 10 Overbids Week ending 4/5/19: Address BR/BA/Units DOM List Price Sold Price Overbid 36 Rico Way 2/2.00/ 22 $999,000 $1,575,000 57.66% 446 Hearst Avenue 1/1.00/N/A 26 $899,000 […]

Coming Soon! And, Coming Later!

Realtor Kevin Gueco writes a very sunny review for the coming soon Mosiaica 601 condo project (pictured above) in his SFNewDevelopments blog. There’s definitely some room for pleasant surprise in the announced price  (pleasant to me, anyway, since I selfishly find all condos I cannot afford to be unpleasant): “Mosaica 601 announced last week that […]

New Developments Face a New Reality in SF

  I’ve heard from multiple sources that SF real estate is, for the most part, immune to the havoc wreaked on other parts of the US. But sales at our most recent condo complexes show that happy-smile-don’t-worry line of rhetoric is about as reliable as the clown’s was in Poltergeist (Happy Halloween!).     Socketsite […]

2801 Lake returns, new price, new look

In case you don’t get sfnewsletter: All it takes is to remove the clutter (before shots)… adjust the price (sold in Dec ’07 for $2,580,000 after some massive price reductions) to get it sold, call in the contractors and voila…the after: 2801 Lake Street (after shots), a 5 bed, 4 bath remodeled home in Sea […]

St. Regis, 188 Minna #33D, Back on Market!

So you heard me complain, and cry, and moan that my clients missed out on unit 33D at the St. Regis. Well, now it’s back on the market, still $3,695,000, still spectacular, and still available. The buyer, which just so happened to be represented by the seller’s agent as well, has walked (the wife claiming […]

188 Minna #33D (St. Regis) in contract (~$3.7M) after one week...

[Update: As of 6/13/2008 at 8pm, it is again available. The buyers in contract pulled out, my buyer has had a change of heart feeling SoMa is a bit “dead”, so we won’t be writing an offer at this time, and now we wait to see what happens.] I can’t believe what I’m writing. Months […]

We would have taken it for the garage (2820 Pacific: a done deal ...

In another sign of the times at the high end, 2820 Pacific closes escrow with that damn little asterisk next to the price $16,000,000 (*), which can only tell us the sales price was close.  Not too close to the original $17,500,000 asking, but up there nonetheless. Like we said, we would have taken it […]

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