~3800 Square Foot Sea Cliff Home (Fixer) For You

If you have it in you to get an A+ Sea Cliff property with views like this
…. give me shout, because have I got the roughly 3800 square foot home on a roughly 5600 square foot lot on the end of Lake Street just for you.

Principals only please. I am NOT representing the seller, but I’ve known about it for a while. I’ve tried to get it for a couple developers already, but to no avail. It looks like the asking price will cut the developers out of the picture, thus only making sense for a family looking to buy a Sea Cliff fixer, sink $500,000+ into it, and end up with their dream $3.5MM to $4MM property in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods. So if you fit that description, give me a shout and we can talk about the property and how I can help you get it.

4 thoughts on “~3800 Square Foot Sea Cliff Home (Fixer) For You

  1. Yeah I was excited about this one and was following it too. But a 2.2M list is the word on the street. I think the end result is more like 3.3 or so. Because the same house next door sold for 3.05 or something back in October. It wasn’t totally done but it was in good shape.

  2. Some great comps over on West Clay for what a top end refinish can get with view out there; so I’d say Alex’s #s are pretty close.

  3. Best comp right smack dab next door. Sold recently for $3.6MM…done.
    Yep, if they list at $2.2, it’s a tough margin for a developer. Still money to be made, but not the kind they like to see on a project like this.

  4. I hear ya but the 3.6M one is a grander home. The other one is literally the same house. You might be right tho. If somebody really went all out with amazing finishes, who knows?

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