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What Makes A Room A Bedroom?

What is it exactly that makes that room a bedroom? The question has come across my email enough, and actually I think I even posted on it at some point. Well, it’s resurfaced and maybe time to hash it out, as the opinions on what makes a room a bedroom are anything but concrete. The […]

Ask Us: To Remodel The Bathroom, Or Not

Where readers ask, and we (the community) try to answer: Hi Alex, A friend turned me on to your sfnewsletter, which is first rate, as is theFrontSteps. I eagerly await the upcoming I could use your help. There could possibly be a listing in it for you. My dilemma is whether to put my […]

We Never Said Playing The (Condo) Lottery Would Produce A Win

“2010 Condo Lottery: Previous participation may not yield additional tickets Dear Plan C Member, Ticket sales for the 2010 Condo Conversion Lottery have been announced by the city and will begin on Monday, November 23rd (additional information can be found here). As you may be aware, it has been the practice of the City to […]

Success Story: A Buyer Finally Becomes an Owner

  This blog is graciously donated by Missionite, long time reader of and writer for The Frontsteps, as well as writer of his own blog, Submedian. FINALLY GOT ONE Well we finally got one. We just got the keys and haven’t moved in yet. Despite the market conditions we didn’t get a steal, paid over […]

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