Why San Francisco Real Estate is so strong, the things you can’t measure on a calculator

There are some unquantifiable measures of value that nobody seems to consider when pondering the future of San Francisco real estate. So many of us stay within the confines of San Francisco, sit at our computers and debate the strength of San Francisco real estate, and whether it will rise or fall, but rarely do we venture outside the city walls to see just what we’re up against.

Recently (as in for the 4th of July) we went walkabout outside of the Bay Area (if you consider Sacramento and beyond the Bay Area, Lord help you), and again noticed countless reasons why San Francisco is so great. Next time you take a trip East (not Back East, to the Far East, or Middle East, and not in an airplane) keep your eyes open for these things.

1. Everything gets bigger: roads; cars (and they complain about $4.25/gal. gas); restaurant portions; and yes…the people (we’re not talking the occasional extra order of fries, and we’re not talking a little spare tire, we’re talking something in the water…or the bags of Doritos as main course…and it appears to be out of control.)

2. It’s f*cking HOT! Ninety (90) degrees at 9pm is no fun.

3. Thick eye shadow is still in, as are perms and the occasional mullet accompanied by sleeveless shirts, cut-off shorts, and white high tops with white socks.

4. Trash is everywhere (we’re not talking garbage), and their toys (ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcyles, boats, Wave-Runners, Hummers) fit nicely in the parking spots directly out your front door.

5. Twelve hundred (1200) square feet is considered average…for a garage.

6. No car, no love. Public transportation is absolutely sad outside the confines of a major U.S. metropolis, and with gas prices soaring, a million dollar two bed, one bath home with no parking (even if you have to rent it) near MUNI (even though MUNI has issues) is still better than a two hundred thousand dollar three bed, three bath home with three car parking in the burbs.

7. Wrangler and Guess, are more popular than Levi, Ernest Sewn, or Nudie.

8. George W. Bush is considered a smart man, and “doing a good job for America.”

9. Good coffee….PULEASE!

10. Coors Light, narrowly edges out Bud Lite for most cans found on the shoulder of the roads.

11. We could go on, but will stop here….okay, one more…Lee Press On is still in, and hot pink nails still looks good (apparently).

Does this make us any better than the people that live outside San Francisco? No. Does this mean we’re making generalizations about a group of people based on observations of a few (thousand)? Yes. Does it make us sound totally un-“P.C.” and possibly a bit ignorant/arrogant? Yes, but who cares, because it helps us realize just how great we have it here in this bubble we call San Francisco, and just how great diversity and living in an international city really is, and it’s something “YoY” and “Median” can’t define. Man it’s good to be home!