Crime on the rise in Bernal Heights?

It seems to be the week of getting edumucated on theFrontSteps. First chickens, now rising crime in Bernal Heights? We have no factual evidence to support what we’re saying, but the information has come to us from a very reliable and trustworthy source. We’re hoping you (the reader) can shed some light on the matter. We know some of you in particular might have better knowledge on the matter than we, so please share.

It also begs the question, could this make Bernal go bust? (And it reminds us, we’re about due for another Battle Royale.)

4 thoughts on “Crime on the rise in Bernal Heights?

  1. Live from Cortland Ave ..

    Crime make a ‘hood go pop – come on now AC – you been in NoPa lately?

    I’ve heard of some brash robberies lately but for the most part I have not personally seen much new crime in Bernal. A few years ago there was a rash of restaurant robberies along Cortland.

    The police do a great job of walking Cortland Ave and I have seen a good amount of cars policing the area. The housing project doesn’t appear to be more dangerous than last year – or less for that matter.

    Hell with gas prices being what they are, I may have to knock off a Starbucks soon to get through Tuesday Tour!

    SO – in summation – crime in Bernal…..certainly. Major increase in that crime- haven’t really seen it. Effect on the Bernal market – not evident as of today. Priced right single family homes don’t last 3 weeks in these parts.

    Gas prices – going up.

  2. I don’t have any printed documents to back this up, but I heard somebody mention that some kids would rob people for their credit cards, and the first thing they do is to use the credit card to buy gas.

  3. Crime in Bernal. There were a few muggings that I’m aware of. And there’s the guy who robbed Marth Bros. on Courtland as well as Baretta on 23rd and Valencia. (I was in Baretta when that happened as I mentioned on another site.)

    The Baretta thing was pretty surreal indeed. I spent a good chunk of my 20s living right next door to Baretta. And I actually wrote a letter to city council in favor of sidewalk seating for what was then The Last Supper Club … only to be in there six years later when it got held up. The weirdest stuff was flashing through my head.

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