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Real Estate Bubbles and California’s Economic Growth, Part ...

by Alexander Clark via YouTube and Humboldt State University School of Economics Amongst the sea of utterly useless bits of crappy real estate videos on YouTube, I was able to find this very informational piece that made me wish I was back in Santa Barbara attending a lecture. (Okay, maybe it was the carefree lifestyle […]

The first step to remodeling

by Rik Goodell: Before calling contractors for a remodel project or an addition, do your homework so you’re ready when they get there. Talk it over with your partner (husband, wife, lover, live-in, significant other…these things were easier to write when I still thought “PC” meant personal computer). Make a list of what each of […]

Learning Something about BMRs for Infinity and 888 Seventh

Recently, we reported about the brisk selling of the BMR (Below Market Rate) units at 888 Seventh Street, and how they were snatched up in a matter of seconds. Thanks to a reader’s inquiry in the comments of that post, we dug a little deeper and learned that of those 170 BMR units, only 27 […]

A Very Simple Explanation of the Complex 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchan...

We recently received a few questions about 1031 Exchanges, and the short answer…they’re pretty simple, but also complicated. 😉 How’s that for a politician’s answer? Joking aside, we thought this brief description from The Money Alert was pretty good. “Established for real estate barons and tycoons, 1031 exchanges have been around since the 1920s. Named for […]

The Potrero: Developer’s Specials

Our friends at The Potrero, Potrero Hill’s newest development with prices starting at $404,880 for a studio, and working their way up from there for one and two bedroom condos, and two and three bedroom townhomes, have decided to release a few “developer’s specials”, and you’re hearing it here first. [Update: they just hit MLS.] […]

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