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What Makes A Room A Bedroom?

What is it exactly that makes that room a bedroom? The question has come across my email enough, and actually I think I even posted on it at some point. Well, it’s resurfaced and maybe time to hash it out, as the opinions on what makes a room a bedroom are anything but concrete. The […]

Winner: The Best Coffee (House) In San Francisco, And The Rest

Congratulations to Philz Coffee! You have been voted Best Coffee (House) in San Francisco by the people of the internets. The competition was linked to around the world, and we have to say Philz not only got tons of nods during the first round of nominations, but they also swept the voting when thousands more […]

San Francisco Giants Win World Series: Bedlam Ensues, Brian Wilso...

Last night the San Francisco Giants clinched the World Series Title and they did it with authority, routing the Texas Rangers four games to one, in the best of seven series. What made it all the more sweet was continually seeing George W. lean over to his wife and ask her just exactly what was […]

It Was A Great Day For The Beach, But Rain Forecast (1531 Beach)

Originally listed for $1,550,000 in May of 2008, 1531 Beach, a 2 bed, 2 bath, in the Marina, has returned (again) but this time for $100,000 less, now asking $1,450,000. Nothing’s changed but the price, and the weather (literally and figuratively). Opportunity knocking? –1531 Beach, 2 bed, 2 bath, $1,450,000 [sfnewsletter listing detail]

153 Avila: A done deal and providing a bit of “color”...

Recently we had someone ask if we could “provide a bit of color on 153 Avila”, a contemporary 3 bed, 2.5 bath, single family home in the Marina asking $2,695,000, and as a matter of fact, we can provide some “color”. It sold after 14 days on the market for $2,975,000 (10.4% over asking) or […]

$600,000 over asking on Avila?

In case you don’t get the sfnewsletter, we’ll bring a tid bit to you: “Since everybody keeps telling us about it, we might as well print it (albeit a bit premature). This one will certainly blow your mind. Four fifty one (451) Avila hit the market February 29th (the first time in 60 years), asking […]

It’s a cold market indeed…(130 Retiro Way: an Update)...

Not too long ago, we featured a friendly wager on 130 Retiro Way in the Marina district, what it will sell for (asking $1,725,000) and what kind of remodel we’ll see. RentsUP” nailed the sales price at $1,850,000, or $125,000 above asking (7.25%). It closed yesterday. Now about the remodel? And did you buy it […]

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