1. Well, I understand buyers’ affinty for such an outrageous view, but I am hard pressed to appreciate the rest of this offering, from busy Marina Blvd. frontage to mid-century funkiness. That said, I’m happy for the bid anywhere in town these days….

  2. Needs about $200,000 in cosmetic updates. I’m not crazy about the box shape architecture. Windows need replacing, as they are original single pain, and it is NOISY. You feel very exposed, since the windows go to the ground.

    $3.7 mil for 2,800 sqft is expensive if you need to spruce it up. A couple nicer houses on MArina Blvd. (closer to Divis) sold a couple years ago for $3.2 million, and they were done up. Market is going bonkers.

  3. Boomtime..just to clarify.

    that “box shape” architecture is actually called Mid-century modern…simple, elegant, functional, lots of glass.

    The windows, from what I can tell, go to the floor line…not to the ground.

    and ah..window “pain” is spelled pane…single-glazed is the more appropriate term…although “pain” could be the right spelling in certain locales.

    I’m just saying…:)

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