Done Deal in the Marina and only $395,000 over (2330 Bay)

Our readers have come up with some good finds this last week, and thankfully I have some time to post them, so you can pick your jaw up off the ground along with the rest of us:


Take a look at this. [2330 Bay] Closed in 21 days for almost $400,000 more [asking $2,495,000 selling $2,890,000]. The market in District 7 [Pacific Heights, Marina, Cow Hollow, Presidio Heights] is unbelievable. I am positive in prime real estate in SF, but this is just blowing my mind how much demand there is.

I’d have to add that it is not that bad in other markets either….Bernal, Noe, Haight, Hayes, West Portal, Forest Hill, Outer Parkside, Inner Sunset, Glen Park, and the list goes on and on.

2330 Bay [MLS]

One thought on “Done Deal in the Marina and only $395,000 over (2330 Bay)

  1. Great find. Nice property that was remodelled. Bought for $1.388 mil in 1H04, nice remodel. I think the owner banked about $1,000,000 in 3.25 yrs. Heard there were 4 other bidders. Wow!

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