1. Man, I don’t know. But why bother with that sort of remodel on a property such as this one? You want to talk about a waste of money. New OK appliances, drab cabinets and pre-fab black Chinese granite? (sight unseen –that’s what it looks like from the pics). And a closed off little space, still? That isn’t going to garner many more dollars. They should have slapped a paint job on it and called it a day.

  2. I’m not an expert, and especially not when it comes to Marina properties, but I think it goes for under asking. Guess: $1.575m.

  3. 1.65mil at best. I saw this on Sunday. Plenty of issues.

    The Oddities:

    1. No bathroom for the Master Bedroom, the closest bathroom is past another bedroom.

    2. Driveway easment has been granted to the neighboring apartment building so they can access 3 garages, so your driveway is not yours to park on.

    3. The refrigerator has no electricity to it in the kitchen.

    4. The 4th bedroom/Family room is behind the garage and separated from the rest of the house by a tradesmens hallway.

    5. Two VERY small yards, the larger of the two is 14ft wide by 20ft deep as this is on an irregular lot.

    6. All yoour neighbors are right on top of you due to all the irregular lots.

    Remodel 400K or more

    This is alot to pay for needing to address significant issues and to live in a “fishbowl”

  4. 3. the refrigerator has no electricity…

    This has been the most recuring problem we found – most often “hidden” by extending a plug from the other side of the wall thru the wall (so fridge would be plugged on your… computer plug, or bathroom switch.. or worse, on an extention cord glued to the door trim to plug into the nearby formal dining room.

    very anoying.

    BTW, why did they “remodel”/stage if it needs so much work? is this financialy a good move?

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