1771 North Point: A done deal…and no price! :-(

It’s another one of those damn “non-disclosure agreements” that is going to spoil our ability to accurately track sales around the city in real time for homes, and especially trophy properties. Yes indeed, 1771 North Point is scheduled to close escrow tomorrow (July 13th, 2007), and they’re not sharing the price. Oh well…it sold, and it sold pretty darn quick, if that’s any indication of life in the world of San Francisco real estate.


1771 North Point [mls]

4 thoughts on “1771 North Point: A done deal…and no price! :-(

  1. Someone MUST know what it sold for somewhere. Mouths talk, and whisper. I say $4.75 million.

    Either way, it’s definitely above $4million… which is just incredible.

  2. I’m pretty amazed; but if you went through it you’d know that its very rare for a 5 star finsihed place to hit the market. The top end IS the market right now.

    It will hit tax record soon enough!

  3. Eddy – I did go through the property, and I definitely thought it was very nice. HOWEVER, I felt similar $2.7-3 million properties felt just as nice. Heck, I have a buddy who owns a $2 million property, who also has a great house too. I just don’t know.

    When someone buys a house this big, s/he better have at least 2-3 children to fill it up! Otherwise, it’s just a litle ridiculous. $5 million folks, that is unfreaking believable.

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