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Inner Mission Victorian Fixer Sells $320,000 Over List | In Knoxv...

Inner Mission Victorian Fixer Sells $320,000 Over List | In Knoxv...

Not to be outdone by any of the fixers clinching the top spot on a few of our previous top 10 Overbids — 1078-80 York, a two unit in San Francisco’s hot, hotter, hottest Inner Mission District, just closed for only $320,000 over ask. (People around the world scratching their heads thinking, “Is this guy […]

Underbids All Over The Map | San Francisco

Underbids All Over The Map | San Francisco

Did you miss the Top 10 Overbids last week? Don’t worry, SFGate has em posted, but since it’s Monday (well it was yesterday), we like to bring you the weekly top 10 Underbids. Sounds like SFGate might recap them there too, so keep your eyes peeled. The top dogs are a variety this time around. […]

Shining examples of more stellar “local” real estate ...

This from a reader: Here is another shining example of disservice to the SF real estate market courtesy of the SF Gate. The SF Gate and KGO (ABC) reported ([yesterday and the day before yesterday], respectively) on the same story, but KGO was decent enough to report the foreclosure numbers IN CONTEXT, i.e. referencing that […]

T is for Transformation (T-Third Metro line service begins)

Information provided by Ron Wong and Mike Tekulsky, Hill & Co. Real Estate. “The T-THIRD Metro line will connect all of the Third Street neighborhoods to the full Muni Metro system, providing a vital link between the southeast sector of San Francisco and the rest of the City.”-SFMTA What kind of effect could this have […]

Picture your favorite touchdown dance right here

  “But Lennar’s enterprising relationship with San Francisco City Hall — in which it has come to control much of the city’s remaining undeveloped land — gives the company unparalleled sway over how San Francisco will evolve, arguably rivaling the clout of the city’s elected leadership and the voters themselves.” But… “‘They [Lennar] have agreed […]

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