Shipyard Condo Sells for Half Million, Instantly Goes Back Up For Sale

Some homes you just can’t bear the thought of parting with. But 550 Innes Avenue #101 is evidently not one of them, at least not in the eyes of the guy who just bought it.

This one bed, one bath Shipyard condo just sold three days after Christmas for a tidy $525,000 (about normal for the Shipyard–the list price was over $548,000). The buyer, a Ronald Chan, snapped the place up after 16 days on the market.

So that’s that, a routine transaction at Hunters point–or so it seemed at the time. Now all of a sudden, less than a month later, the condo is up for sale once again, for the slightly marked-up price of $538,000. It’s only been four weeks since the last deal closed–not even enough time to finish unpacking, for most people.

Is this a mistake? Well, no: We asked, and the seller’s agent simply says that something came up by way of a “life event” and the home is back for sale–good news for whoever happened to be the number two bidder last time, presumably.

Note the optimism in the $13K price increase since December–nobody wants to list seeking a loss, after all. The last time this unit old was in 2016 for just under $521,000, and the Shipyard still being a new development there were no previous public sales before that.

If you’re curious–or anxious–about the public health implications of buying in Hunters Point, check out our handy, transparent, scientifically sound guide to the development here.

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