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Battle Royale: San Francisco’s Infinity Towers Versus Some ...

We haven’t done a Battle Royale in a while, but we thought this recent email could not only shed some light on the steals and deals being thrown out by The Infinity to get their Towers sold, but also a bit of debate as to whether it’s better to put your money in San Francisco, […]

Is the Infinity Condo SF Built on Bedrock?

We get all kinds of good search words driving traffic to theFrontSteps, but “MonsterTruck” still leads the pack for consistency. Recently we had quite a few people find the site searching “Bedrock SF” and more specifically “Is the Infinity condo sf built on bedrock”? For exact details, we’d suggest you contact the folks at the […]

A failed flip at One Rincon Hill, and what we know about high ris...

Truth be told, I recently had a client in contract to “take over” a unit above the 50th floor at One Rincon Hill from a “seller” that had purchased their unit via the sales office on the very first night said sales office opened. Yes, that means it was an attempted “flip”, a “cancellation”, a […]

Glassing Off: Downtown and a Bottle of Windex

Following on the heels of our latest post on Millennium Tower, today’s Chronicle/SF Gate provides the latest on all the glass going up on many of the other buildings we’ve featured. Have a look at this audio slideshow by John King of the SF Chronicle. And of course, feel free to share your thoughts. –One […]

Comment du Jour: Does sold mean sold?

Sophie on Millennium Tower…”: Close of Escrow [for units at the Millennium Tower] is scheduled for Spring of 2009. I have a question. Close of escrow is when title is given [for] a big chunk of money. Right? So if they advertise “58% sold” what does that mean? That you can buy an “option” lasting […]

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