The Infinity vs. One Rincon Hill 29th Floor Smackdown


A reader kindly pointed out the following:

-One Rincon Hill- 3 bedroom, 3 bath on 29th and 30th floors with just under 2000 square feet. It is 200 feet up the hill with un-obstructed views for $2,190,000.

-The Infinity- 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2-story home on 28th and 29th floor with approximately 1,679 square feet. It has two private 36′ wide Sky Terraces and breathtaking views for $2,400,000.

The rest we leave up to you.

In other One Rincon Hill news, they are on their 53rd floor of construction.

The picture is ours, and so are the horrible photo shop skills. ;-)

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