The Infinity Gearing Up For Tower II Release, We’re Going In!


The day is near for the Infinity to offer luxury condominiums in their second tower to the public and we’re heading in to view some units and ask questions today. If you have questions you’d like answered, ask them in the comments below and we’ll see what we can dig up, including some pricing. If you’d like answers in confidence, you’ll have to shoot us an email ([email protected]).

5 thoughts on “The Infinity Gearing Up For Tower II Release, We’re Going In!

  1. whats the price on those lovely midrise units? are they willing to deal and if so, how much? looking at deals for a 1 bed.

    1. anon,

      Mid to high 500’s and 600’s for studios, 699+ for 1br with den. Regarding if “they are willing to deal”. They’re pretty excited about tower 2s momentum, so the answer, “we can present anything”. To me, that’s a yes. They are willing to deal. Give me a shout and we’ll get you in there.

  2. Does T2 have the same floor plans as T1, # of units per floor? T2 looks skinnier than T1. Thanks.

  3. Is there actually enuf demand out there to absorb 200+ more units? I’d rather buy in District 7 as there is very little supply and the neighborhood is way better.

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