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Douche Bag Realtor Debate Do-Over

From “How to Find a Real Estate Agent (without really trying)” And there she was, in the midst of an open house, falling all akimbo down the stairs, yelping in surprise and fear on her way down. At the bottom, the real estate agent, who’d been busy the entire time glancing admiringly in the home’s […]

In Real Estate, Size Does Matter

We have been a bit M.I.A, but our readers certainly haven’t lost their need to send us tips. Please keep them coming! ([email protected]): I think the size of a dwelling is an important matter, especially in San Francisco. Would you start a thread? [We can try.] ‘I know my home is too small when ….’ […]

Battle Royale: San Francisco’s Infinity Towers Versus Some ...

We haven’t done a Battle Royale in a while, but we thought this recent email could not only shed some light on the steals and deals being thrown out by The Infinity to get their Towers sold, but also a bit of debate as to whether it’s better to put your money in San Francisco, […]

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