San Francisco as retirement destination? Huh?!

I just had to put this up. My favorite quote: “Ten years ago, when he retired, he and his wife migrated south to a bedroom community in Cary, N.C., where it was quiet and green–everything retirement is supposed to be. But ‘I was bored out of my gourd, frankly,’…”

Guess where he’ll be living? The Infinity.

[Update: another article on SF as top retirement destination: U.S. News]

Yahoo Finance Article

7 thoughts on “San Francisco as retirement destination? Huh?!

  1. SF is the best city in America. I’m not surprised SF is in the Top 10 list for both surveys. Anybody go to the beach today?

    DQ News Zip up huge in August. 94123 +60% YoY for median, but mor e interesting is the +40% YoY increase in the price/sqft for the high price of the month.

  2. YEAAAAAAA. I agree. SF is the BEST city in America..for lots of reasons..

    Our culture of tolerance and openess. Our diversity. Our quirkyness. Our hills and beauty.

    Even our smugness. Yea, it’s true..I mean, come on..who isnt proud to live here?

    But SF is not for everyone. thank god.

  3. i totally agree this is fueling the demand for all the condo’s in south beach/mission bay and now rincon hill. lots of empty nesters and retirees that want to downsize and live in the city for the first time.

  4. Living in SF, I would say that SF is not the best city in America. Close but not even close. I’d take NYC any day over SF. Now that’s a place with real culture and diversity!

  5. Kenny, Totally agree. Randy, did you forget about the freezing cold winters and insanely hot, humid summers? That has to play a factor.

  6. we aer talking about retirement folks…

    arthristis.. sore joins.. health care, public transportation…

    I think if you are healthy enough the day of your retirement, you wont care about were your address is, because you will likely not spend more than a week at a time there.

    Now when bones get old.. you need to settle somewhere. My MIL spent a beautiful sunny april in SF and hated each day of it, because she felt cold. But she would fell cold anywhere below 90-95F.

    For other older folks I know… If they could survive their 50s in SF (read: they stand the weather) – they are most likely retiring HERE.

    I’d like to live in NYC but just the though of dealing with snow/rain .. not for me. And what about A/C units for the summer… noise at night?

    One of the most agreed on recipe for growing old the healthy way is to work day in day out in your garden (veggies, flowers etc). I dont know any other city where it’s easier to find a place with a garden than a place without one… all while being minutes from downtown and barely further from the airport.

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