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Tasty Views, Cool Beers, And Designer Living, 600 Feet Above Grou...

Sometimes you just need a little real estate photo porn to get you through your day. Below are some images from One Rincon Hill (for those wondering, One Rincon Hill is the gigantic tower…some would say phallic symbol… that kisses the west end of the Bay Bridge off/on ramps), which were recently provided to us […]

Father Of tFS Client Saved Michael Jackson From Flames During Pep...

How ’bout a little celebrity (postmortem) juice to take you to the weekend. As it turns out, my client’s Dad actually saved Michael Jackson during the hair catching on fire incident, when filming the Pepsi commercial. Certainly, many of you remember that. My client has been contacted by Access Hollywood and the list of (gossip) […]

In Real Estate, Size Does Matter

We have been a bit M.I.A, but our readers certainly haven’t lost their need to send us tips. Please keep them coming! ([email protected]): I think the size of a dwelling is an important matter, especially in San Francisco. Would you start a thread? [We can try.] ‘I know my home is too small when ….’ […]

Battle Royale: San Francisco’s Infinity Towers Versus Some ...

We haven’t done a Battle Royale in a while, but we thought this recent email could not only shed some light on the steals and deals being thrown out by The Infinity to get their Towers sold, but also a bit of debate as to whether it’s better to put your money in San Francisco, […]

The Fun Continues: “It Need Renovated”

REO. Price Reduce from $399,900 Contractor special. It need renovated. Nice and Quite, one bedroom one bath on the ground floor,installed security system [as opposed to….?]. SOLD AS IS condition. Pre-qaulify loan letter from Wells Fargo Bank. HOA including the earthquake insurance. Sometimes it’s just fun to poke fun isn’t it? There is a story […]

Best of San Francisco Real Estate

So I finally got off my ass and did another post for my Examiner Column. They asked us to to a “Best of” piece, and naturally I did “Best of San Francisco Real Estate”. Here it is, verbatim: I’ve been asked to write a little column about the "Best of" San Francisco real estate, and […]

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