Happy New Year From theFrontSteps To You

We’re back in town, and recharged. Happy New Year to all of you dear readers, and thanks to Anna for her continued great posts. Hoegarden, you were right. Avalanche danger in Utah was through the roof! Needless to say, we didn’t venture hors de piste.

We’re putting our real estate hats back on (big bummer that it is, but Momma needs a new dress so…) and hope to provide the goods in 2009. We hope to see you back to theFrontSteps often. Don’t forget to send in those tips, ask those questions, and show your colors, so that we can continue to do what we do for you this coming year.

Happy New Year to you all! Let’s pray 2009 doesn’t go like 2008.

Back to normal posting on 1/5/09.

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new look of theFrontSteps. Although I was hoping to change the site up completely, I learned a lot from my attempt on .ORG to steer me into keeping things very much the same, but changing servers to allow more flexibility on future features, posts, and anything else.

The first thing I have to say is a HUGE shout out and thank you to Reggie Nicolay at My Tech Opinion. Without his help, it’d be another couple weeks before we were able to go “live”. Do me a favor and click through to his site and check out all that they do.

A major change you’ll notice…advertisements. Click some ads and help me put shoes on my kids’ feet, and food on the table…can’t say that. (After all I am a Realtor and if you haven’t noticed the market is in the toilet, so they’re telling me, but I still haven’t seen it.)

The site is still technically under construction and there are a lot of little things that still need to be done. So don’t be surprised if you run into a bug from time to time, and please don’t hesitate to let me know (thefrontsteps@gmail.com).

That’s it. I hope you like it. I hope you come back. And I hope you tell all of your friends and family. Now if you’ll excuse me, after all of this, I need a cocktail!

Just a reminder, theFrontSteps is under construction

Although it may look exactly the same to you, behind the scenes theFrontSteps is going through a massive redevelopment project and it’s going to take some time. Thanks for your patience, browse and converse on the current posts at will, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding San Francisco real estate.

(Don’t be surprised if a little tech gremlin makes things blow up, or the power goes out from time to time during this project either.)


Thanks to Fluj for putting up some good content while I was away! I’m (almost) ready to go with some new posts (need to figure out how to perfectly resize photos, and a few other things on this here Mac.) In the meantime, relax with a cocktail, I’ll be back at it by Monday (hopefully).

I’m having a Bombay Sapphire and Tonic.

What are you having?

Mac it is…learning (and vacation) begins

Getting to know the San Francisco real estate market is (relatively) easy, getting to know a new iMac is something altogether daunting. Have no fear, I will prevail and theFrontSteps will be running at full speed come August 25th or so.

Yup, I bought a new iMac, this one to be exact, and there is lots to learn and lots to set up (particularly the annoying little MLS not working on Safari thing), and I (alex) am leaving on vacation… proper vaction. I expect Fluj will do some posts while I’m away, so go easy on the guy, have fun, be civil, and thanks for all the great tips on what to buy when it comes to a Mac. (I got the iPhone too, and will certainly be setting up blog posting from it, so that will be cool.)

Summertime…….. and I’m outta here!

(p.s. Don’t be surprised if I do a post here and there, so make sure to either subscribe to theFrontSteps via email, or set up your RSS feed so you’ll know when new content is on the site.)

(p.p.s. I might be on Twitter tweeting, so feel free to check that out if you can’t resist.)

“…all this posting of properties on blogs just complicates things.”

Says Realtor to us after not disclosing to him the address of a pocket listing [off market deal] we had known about. (This after his client contacted us directly interested in the property, and the selling agent made us swear on our grandmother’s grave not to disclose the address [publicly online] to anyone in order to post to our site.)

I have to ask, what does it complicate? You missing out on a deal, or your clients knowing about off market deals before you (essentially knowing more than you)? They already have complete access to MLS, so why not bring them the growing number of off market opportunities too?

It’s called transparency, social networking, and the power of the internet. Get used to it, and plan on losing some clients in the future. You almost lost one, but you’re lucky he’s loyal to you.

[Explicative removed citing poor judgment and bad choice of word.] (You know who you are, and we hope you’re reading this.)

Change is in the wind on theFrontSteps, welcome new writers

We tried to allow the community a voice with theFrontSteps.ORG, and tried to do it with earlier versions of this very site, but somehow just couldn’t find the mix. So we’re trying it again. We have hand selected a few of the more frequent contributors to this site and asked them to blog directly under theFrontSteps’ roof, and so we begin. Keep a lookout for posts coming directly from the likes of: “Fluj”; “Eddy”; “Missionite”; “Sparky”; and possibly a few others. If you think you have what it takes to be a writer for our site, or know somebody you’d like to see writing here, give us a shout.

Fingers crossed, and welcome to the new contributors!

Daly Madness: Ordinance to place two-unit buildings into condo conversion lottery

If you haven’t noticed we’re just spitting out the SFAR Advantage online as it keeps getting better the further towards the bottom we read. Just when you think it is over, Daly strikes again.

Daly Introduces Ordinance Placing Two-Unit Buildings in Condominium Conversion Lottery

Supervisor Chris Daly introduced a proposed ordinance that would place two-unit buildings in the condominium lottery and exempt two-unit buildings that are owner occupied as of August 1, 2008. The full text of the proposed ordinance appears below.

Under city law, ordinances must undergo a 30-day waiting period before they may be heard in committee. This is to allow interested parties an opportunity to study ordinances and take positions on them; so the first hearing on Supervisor Daly’s proposed ordinance will not occur until early July, at the earliest.



(a) The requirements of Subsection (c) of Section 1356 of this Code shall apply to Parcel Maps.

(b) The Parcel Map shall conform to the requirements of Chapter 2, Article 3 of SMA and to the Subdivision Regulations regarding detailed format and contents.

(c) In the case of Conversions where a Tentative Map is not required, the requirements of Section 1314 and the requirements of Article 9 on Conversions shall apply, provided that hearings as provided in Sections 1313 and 1332 shall not be required, and the 10-percent low and moderate income occupancy as provided in Section 1341 shall not be required, and provided further that Article 9 shall not be applied to two-unit buildings only where both units are owner-occupied for one year as of August 1, 2008 and where both units remain owner occupied by the same owner occupants as on August 1, 2008 up until prior to the application for Conversion. The Director of Planning, however, shall make the determination pursuant to Section 1385 concerning preservation of low and moderate income housing.

(d) In addition to the requirements of Subsection (c), the owners of record of a two-unit building conversion that qualify for the exemption from Article 9 must certify under penalty of perjury and the Department must verify with the Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board, and with the Human Rights Commission as applicable, that since November 16, 2004, no eviction as defined in San Francisco Administrative Code Section 37.9(a)(8)– (14) of a senior, disabled person, or catastrophically ill tenant as defined below has occurred, or if an eviction has taken place under Administrative Code Section 37.9(a)(11) or (14), that the original tenant reoccupied the unit after a temporary eviction. For purposes of this Subsection a “senior” shall be a person who is 60 years or older and has been residing in the unit for 10 years or more at the time of the lottery; a “disabled” tenant is defined for purposes of this Subsection as a person who is disabled within the meaning of! Title 42 U.S.C. Section 12102(2)(A); and a “catastrophically ill” tenant is defined for purposes of this Subsection as a person who is disabled as defined above, and who is suffering from a life threatening illness as certified by his or her primary care physician.

(e) If the owners of record cannot satisfy the requirements of Subsection (d), then the owners of record shall comply with Article 9, including its Section 1396.1(g)(3), prior to submitting an application for Conversion.

(f) If the Department determines that an applicant has knowingly provided false material information under Subsection (d) above, the Department shall immediately deny the application, or if the applicant has submitted an application for conversion, shall immediately deny the application for conversion. Moreover, the Department, the Director, or other authorized person or entity may also enforce the provisions of this Subsection under Section 1304 or any other applicable provision of law as warranted.

All of this legislation and proposals and ways to cut property owners’ legs off makes our heads spin!

St. Regis, 188 Minna #33D, Back on Market!

So you heard me complain, and cry, and moan that my clients missed out on unit 33D at the St. Regis. Well, now it’s back on the market, still $3,695,000, still spectacular, and still available. The buyer, which just so happened to be represented by the seller’s agent as well, has walked (the wife claiming the space just didn’t work).

My clients have determined that they aren’t quite sure South of Market is happening enough to purchase at the St. Regis, claiming it to be a bit “dead”, and now 33D awaits the next person looking for an A+ unit with spectacular views, floor to ceiling windows, an outdoor terrace, and a great floorplan. Comps will quickly point to unit 23D selling at $3.3M, but I’d like to point out that was an off-market deal and the buyer and seller were represented by the same agent (think not necessarily market price). So now that the dust has settled, 27D (at $3,475,000) and 33D (at $3,695,000) are both available, things could get interesting.

There is still one other unit “available”, but not yet on the market in the “F” stack, should you be interested.

-188 Minna #33D [Pacific Union Listing, $3,695,000]

-188 Minna #27D [listing detail $3,475,000]

Coming Soon: 2950 Vallejo, it’ll only take you $25,000,000

Nestled into, or perched atop (it’s all perspective), one of the most prestigious hills in San Francisco (we’d almost go so far as to say the world), 2950 Vallejo appears to be coming soon…for $25,000,000.

From our reader:

One of my absolutely favorite houses is hitting the market. You probably already know this, but I haven’t seen it on any of the blogs as of yet… 2960 Vallejo is now on Barbara Callan’s website for 25 million… that’s almost 5000k per foot, which is just astounding.

Hang on now, before you start freaking out about location, and size, and price, and square footage, and all that…the next email moments after:

Oops! I gave you the wrong address.. It’s 2950 Vallejo… and it’s 4000 per foot.. sorry!!

Apology accepted, still astounding (it’s all perspective, you do get seven bedrooms and eight baths after all), and thanks for the tip.

[Update: "It's definitely 2950... 2960 Vallejo is the shingle property next door on the left. It sold in 06 for like 8 million"-from the same reader, whom we love!]

[Update #2: Some interior pictures are now available at Barbara Callan's website.]

Much nicer than expected, to be perfectly honest.

As a reminder, you can send tips, comments, or questions to theFrontSteps@gmail.com.

-2950 Vallejo [Barbara Callan, direct link to property not working, please navigate your way. At this moment the only pictures and details are what we've told you above.]

-2960 Vallejo [Byzantium Brokerage...Yasoo Steve!]

San Francisco Real Estate? Who needs it? We raised $32,320!

In case you’re wondering where we’ve been, and why so silent, we’d like to remind you of an awesome event we just pulled off. We’ll be putting together a full wrap-up of the event as well as raffle winners, but a quick tally shows we raised closed to $33,000! Hats off to those that attended and especially those that donated and bid on items. You see, there is more to life than real estate.



p.s. Gone surfin’… don’t ask.

theFrontSteps is trying Twitter!

Testing out yet another new (to us) time vacuum, I thought we’d give this Twitter thing a go on theFrontSteps. If you care to track it, you can do so here (I think): twitter.com/theFrontSteps.

There is certainly going to be a learning curve for this, but it does have some potential for real estate obsessed people like us, if for no other reason than to see what us like-minded individuals are doing (all the time!)

-theFrontSteps Twitter Feed


Time out for the Adrian Ruiz Memorial Fundraiser

We’re simply too busy at the moment working with clients, changing up the sfnewsletter, living life, and helping organize and spread the word about the Adrian Ruiz Memorial Fundraiser. We have no time for our beloved theFrontSteps today. Please follow that link or click on the photo below to see all the great things San Francisco, and all the great people around us, have donated. It’s truly unbelievable.

See you next week!

-Adrian Ruiz Memorial Fundraiser

Crime on the rise in…wait…Pacific Heights?

In response to our recent post about rising crime in Bernal Heights, a reader forwards this:

“Hey Alex,

I live in Pacific Heights and belong to a neighborhood association. Yesterday I received this email from a neighbor who is passing along a warning about a robbery in our neighborhood. It happened last weekend. So I guess it’s not just Bernal Heights that is having problems with recent increase in crime. What gives??


Fwd email:

At 11:30pm on Saturday, April 26th I was walking home from

dinner with my husband and my father. It was a very warm night and we could

not get a taxi from Pres a vis in the Presidio. As we approached Green

Street while walking up Divisadero, two young men wearing bright red

bandanas that covered their faces and carrying guns told me to give them my

purse. I did and they ran away – west on Green Street.

We promptly called the police who arrived within minutes. I

am mentioning this to the group because I have received two phone calls from

the police since the incident. Yesterday when they phoned they informed me

that they still had not arrested the guys, but in fact they had struck

several more times, that they know of, along Divisadero Street. One time

they even approached two men who were walking together, so it’s not just

women by themselves or in a group that are the target.

Both times the police called it was to ask if I could

identify the criminals in a lineup. Because the bandanas covered their

faces and they were wearing hats (along with baggy jeans and dark

sweatshirts) I could not be certain of their identities. The police

officers told me that the robberies are being committed by young members of

a Hispanic gang from South San Francisco. They drive down the street,

selecting potential victims, and then plan the attack a few blocks ahead and

escape again in their car parked nearby.

Please be careful walking at night. I was only 4 doors down

from my house when this occurred.

The police officer I spoke to last night assured me he would

call and let me know if/when they make an arrest.

Darnit, we’re going to have to find a cool video to brighten this Friday! And does this also beg the question, will this make Pacific Heights real estate prices go bust?

Share photos! Flickr tag: “theFrontSteps”

Not like I don’t have enough to do these days, but last night I started wandering the web and decided to add a Flickr application to this here blog. So…if you want to share some photos with all of us, simply tag them “theFrontSteps” and they should appear in our Flickr bar on the right. You can also add them to theFrontSteps’ Flickr Pool by joining theFrontSteps group.

-“theFrontSteps” [Flickr tag]

-theFrontSteps’ Flickr Pool [Flickr Pool]

Trump gets Palm Beach Mansion into contract around $100 million

Today Zillow is reporting the $100M sale of Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion, thanks to the excellent write up in the Palm Beach Post.

[photo credit: Jeffrey Langlois Daily News file photo, on PalmBeachPost.com Business]

Some things we find interesting in all of this:

1) Zillow’s Zestimate of the property is off by about $77M (they admit it), but why didn’t Trump login to Zillow and “Claim the home”, or “Edit home facts”? Maybe he could have put a “make me move” price in, because you know the buyer checked Zillow first. ;-)

2) Trump purchased the property for $41.35M in 2004 in a Bankruptcy sale, according to the report. On the Trump Interview (CNBC) he says, “I bought it for 40″. When you got that kind of cash, what’s the extra $1.35M? Only us “media” type really care.

3) It is a “foreign” buyer, and said buyer is considering tearing it down (good, it’s ugly as hell!)

4) Kendra Todd (Apprentice fame) helped on the remodel, but didn’t get the listing (hmmmm……)

5) It’s not sold…it’s in contract. Big difference.

Regardless, Trump is still the man, and his daughter is super sexy hot. You go Trump!

[Update: Sold to a Russian billionaire for $81.5M. From the most recent article: "The oceanfront estate built by billionaire businessman and philanthropist Sidney Kimmel recently changed hands for $81.5 million. While the sale price was officially recorded at $77.5 million, the buyer also paid $4 million in closing costs."]

…and back to San Francisco.

-$100M sale of Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion [Zillow Blog]

-PalmBeachPost.com Business [Palm Beach Post]

-Trump Interview [CNBC.com]

We talked fast cars, now we’re talking VB, who’s listening?

Back in November, we advised Luxury High Rise Condo/hotel developers… to take note about a new car club in town and apparently One Rincon Hill did, with the addition of DRIV into their “One Club”.

“Your One Rincon Membership grants you 75 points and 900 miles (up to 11 reservation days) which are debited for each vehicle outing, giving you autonomy based on your personal preferences.”

You also get vehicle delivery to the One Rincon Hill property!

Yes, we know, the Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square beat them to the punch, but One Rincon Hill is the first High Rise to get the hint. We hope Millennium Tower is next, especially with the little parking situation they have there. Now if any of these developments would just start stocking residents’ refrigerators with Victoria Bitter on move in day, we’d all be a lot better off, hopefully be invited to a few house warmings, and be able to inform Ghirardelli Square that they’re setting a few trends other than chocolate. (In case you didn’t know Cellar 360 at Ghirardelli square is apparently the first place in the city to sell Victoria Bitter…yes, slabs!…and they’re f*cking good mate!)

-Inside the Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square [theFrontSteps]

-Luxury High Rise Condo/hotel developers… take note [theFrontSteps]

-One Rincon Hill’s Driv page [clubdriv.com]

-“One Club”

-Millennium Tower [theFrontSteps]

Fundraiser in honor of Adrian Ruiz, San Francisco Surfer Killed by Shark Attack in Mexico

[Latest Update: The fundraiser and paddle out were a huge success and tons of fun. Adrian would be happy.

-We raised close to $33,000 through the auctions (live/silent), and raffle.


-Winners can pick up their item(s) at John Colins at 90 Natoma Street San Francisco, CA 94803 (www.johncolins.com).

-Winners have until 7/12/2008 to claim zee prize.]

As you likely know, on April 28th San Francisco resident, Adrian Ruiz was attacked and killed by a shark while on a surf trip in Mexico. What you might not know is that he was with me, the editor, and a few other friends.

On June 8th at 4 p.m. there will be an auction/fundraiser at Dragon Bar (San Francisco) in honor of Adrian. We have begun collecting auction items. Some items so far include autographed shoes and jerseys from the likes of Baron Davis, Carmelo Anthony, and Allen Iverson, as well as autographed surfboards from various professional surfers.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate an item for this auction/fund raiser, please contact me at alexclark@gmail.com.

Proceeds will be donated to the family of Adrian Ruiz, and other organizations in Adrian’s name. Your help and participation would be greatly appreciated. We hope to see you there.

Check back to this link for further details and items donated.


Event Details

Location: Dragon Bar, 473 Broadway, SF

Time: June 8th, 4pm until close

Silent Auction: 4-6pm

Live Auction: 6:30

Raffle: To follow live auction (need not be present to win)

Complimentary appetizers

Credit Cards will be accepted at event (Visa, MC, AmEx)

Raffle tickets can be purchased before the event at: Nova; The Blue Light; John Colins; R Bar; Bar None

Items donated (new items added almost daily)

-Allen Iverson autographed Jersey and Shoes

-Carmelo Anthony autographed Jersey and Shoes

-Baron Davis autographed Jersey

-Golden State Warriors basketball autographed by entire team

-Surfboards (See this page for photos!, and below for the list.)

-Flowlab Longboard Skateboard

-One day use of Bentley Sedan provided by DRIV

-Sunglasses from Kaenon Polarized Optics

-2 tickets to Chihuly (Exhibit) at the de Young Museum

-2 tickets to Women Impressionist (Exhibit) at the Legion of Honor

-Various art pieces from http://www.pixbytrix.com

-His/Hers bikes from Elektra

-Trip for 2 to travel with the Golden State Warriors to an away game, including travel to and from, accommodations at the same hotel as the team, and of course 2 tickets to the game…wow!

-2 nights at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco

-Verizon Wireless phone, Venus by LG, v cast music phone with touch navigation

-One night stay for two people at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort and 4 complimentary rounds of golf at Northstar-at-Tahoe including cart

-10 custom designed trucker hats from Girl Rider (girlrider.com)

-2 tickets to see “The Police” and Elvis Costello at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Monday July 14, 2008 at 7:30 pm

-Kelly Slater autographed poster

-Bam Margera autographed poster


-Dirk Nowitski autographed shoes and jersey

-J. Kidd Autographed Jersey

-Phoenix Suns team ball

-Amare Stoudamire autographed jersey

-Gift Certificate to Enrico’s restaurant

-2 Diamond row seats for the A’s game on 7/8 v the Mariners. A tour of the TV (Comcast Sports Net) truck, broadcast booth, and be on the field for batting practice

-2x 90 minute massage gift certificates provided by Wendy Minter in San Mateo, CA

-More and more art from individual artists: print pieces, paintings, and more

-Ross Williams Autographed Surfboard (6’9″ Merrick)

-Keala Kennelly Autographed Surfboard & Picture (6’2″ Ian Wright)

-T. J. Barron Autographed Surfboard & Picture (6’3″ Barron)

-Kekoa Cazimero Autographed Surfboard (6’0″ Eric Arakawa)

-Ezekiel Lau Autographed Surfboard (5’9″ JS Ind.)

-Mark Healey Autographed Surfboard & Picture (7’0″ PYZEL)

-Flynn Novak Autographed Surfboard (6’0″ Bush Man)

-Daniel Jones Autographed Surfboard (5’10″ J. Johnston)

-Kekoa Bacalso Autographed Surfboard & Picture (6’0″ Vesso Int.)

-Escape to the Valley from Cordevalle: www.cordevalle.com– 2 nights in a Bungalow for 2 persons, breakfast daily for 2 persons, welcome amenity, choice of one activity for each person: 1 round of golf with cart or a 90 minute classic massage (forecaddie and gratuities not included), wine tasting for 2 persons at clos lachance winery resort fee and applicable taxes included, $250 Spa Basket from Crescent Hotel. Total Value: $2,400

-Game Worn Ron Artest Jersey

-Game Worn Kevin Martin Jersey

-Kobe Bryant autographed basketball

-Phil Jackson autographed basketball

-Kevin Durant autographed shoes

-2 tickets for afternoon or evening cruise from Ruby Sailing

-1977 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Mondavi Winery in Oakville, CA, stored in the same cellar for the last 30years @ 50-52 degrees F.

-Brand new Mutant Wetsuit from O’Neil

-Autographed Baseballs from Noah Lowry, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Cain

-2 Nixon Watches (“the vega” for girls in light wood and one brown “the sentry” for guys)

-Hurley Wetsuits, Hats, T-shirts, and more

-4 Giants tickets for 6/13 against the A’s

-Michael Jordan autographed basketball!

Contact alexclark@gmail.com to donate items for auction.


If you would like to make a cash or check donation, please make checks payable to:

Brant Helms fbo the Adrian Ruiz family or

Eric Griffin fbo the Adrian Ruiz family

All checks can be sent to:

720 Gough unit 49

San Francisco, CA 94102

If you would like to donate an item for raffle/auction, you can contact alexclark@gmail.com, so that we update this site and add it to our list. Items may be sent to:

720 Gough unit 49

San Francisco, CA 94102

Please include your return address that we can send you a receipt for your donation.


That’s it for now. Make sure to check back for more details and remember to link to this: http://thefrontsteps.com/2008/05/09/adrian-ruiz-fundraiser/ to help spread the word and raise some $$ in Adrian’s honor!

-San Francisco Surfer Killed by shark [Surfline]

Look for this Flyer around town, and spread it around!


Gone Surfin’

As many of you know, I fancy myself a bit of a surfer, which doesn’t necessarily mean I know how to surf. Regardless, I’ll be in Mexico sippin’ Cerveza and hopefully getting tubed out of my head until May 7th. I have already written a few posts that will appear in the next few days, so don’t hang up on us completely. In the meantime, I suggest you head on over to theFrontSteps.ORG and get social. That site is still getting great traffic, and is now all about the network and not so much about our blog. Go on, get over there and check it out. I’d hate to see you resort to other means of entertainment, or heaven forbid…work!

theFrontSteps.ORG [San Francisco Social Network]

From Blank Canvas to Decorator Showcase, 2820 Scott gets the nod in 2008

“Since 1977, the annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase has benefited San Francisco University High School’s financial aid program, raising nearly $10 million in its first 30 years. The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is widely considered to be one of the premiere showcase events in the country, featuring the work of the region’s top interior and landscape designers,” and this year they take you inside 2820 Scott, a magnificent eight bedroom, eight and one half bath, 14,000 square foot residence that last changed hands in 2006 (asking $8,500,000), and was (at the time) void of any furniture. Not any more.

You and yours can go check it out April 26-May 26, cost is $30, (Seniors $25).

We have one ticket for Monday May 5th (6-8pm), we cannot use. Who wants it?

-2820 Scott [sfnewsletter listing detail]

-Decorator Showcase [website]

Wishes granted

Those of you that wished, and hoped that all the blogging would come back to this site, today is your day. theFrontSteps.ORG (our social network) will live on and flourish, and I’ll be promoting it from this site, but it is just plain silly to duplicate my blog posts here and there, and this site wins simply because of the amount of traffic it already gets. I’ll slowly be building back up to full steam blogging, but for now expect continued light postings (I’m busy with clients), and an entire week of silence (4/28-5/7…surf trip).

Thanks for your emails, feedback, and continued support.

Alex (the editor)