San Francisco Real Estate? Who needs it? We raised $32,320!

In case you’re wondering where we’ve been, and why so silent, we’d like to remind you of an awesome event we just pulled off. We’ll be putting together a full wrap-up of the event as well as raffle winners, but a quick tally shows we raised closed to $33,000! Hats off to those that attended and especially those that donated and bid on items. You see, there is more to life than real estate.



p.s. Gone surfin’… don’t ask.

5 thoughts on “San Francisco Real Estate? Who needs it? We raised $32,320!

  1. WOW this is crazy, amazing how Adrian still brings things together. Alex, Brant, and all congrats

  2. Great work! And this is also why being a realtor is awesome! Don’t have to work that much, and can go surfing all the time and make big bucks to boot! America is great :)

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