Mac it is…learning (and vacation) begins

Getting to know the San Francisco real estate market is (relatively) easy, getting to know a new iMac is something altogether daunting. Have no fear, I will prevail and theFrontSteps will be running at full speed come August 25th or so.

Yup, I bought a new iMac, this one to be exact, and there is lots to learn and lots to set up (particularly the annoying little MLS not working on Safari thing), and I (alex) am leaving on vacation… proper vaction. I expect Fluj will do some posts while I’m away, so go easy on the guy, have fun, be civil, and thanks for all the great tips on what to buy when it comes to a Mac. (I got the iPhone too, and will certainly be setting up blog posting from it, so that will be cool.)

Summertime…….. and I’m outta here!

(p.s. Don’t be surprised if I do a post here and there, so make sure to either subscribe to theFrontSteps via email, or set up your RSS feed so you’ll know when new content is on the site.)

(p.p.s. I might be on Twitter tweeting, so feel free to check that out if you can’t resist.)

10 thoughts on “Mac it is…learning (and vacation) begins

  1. Should have got the iBook with an external monitor from Dell. Not too late!

    [Update: You almost kill my buzz with that comment as you do with your email. ;-) Check Twitter for a fix.]

  2. mac is a lot easier to deal with. Just click your heels and say, “There is no place like a Mac. There is no place like a Mac. There is no place like a Mac.”

  3. DAMN! Good life Alex! Sign me up to be a realtor. You have the best life always on vacation and still makig monay!

    [Editor’s note: “Always on vacation”? Not quite, and I’m working when most of you are sleeping. How do you think those posts show up at 6 a.m.? I’ll have a cocktail for you…I promise!]

  4. Hey folks. Just got back from a weeklong camping trip myself. Is there anything you would like me to look up, or post about?



  5. 40 yr old renter,

    There’s only one thing remotely affordable near the areas you ask about. Have you perused 30 Winter Place? There may be a nice condo development play there if you could put a garage in down and build up. (Caveat — I have not attempted this type of development in this area.) And it’s not Russian Hill or Telegraph Hill, but North Beach. It’s a probate with court set for 8/13.

    Then there’s also 39 Havens in Russian Hill. Did you see that one? It’s one of those pedestrian only streets, so no development is going to be possible most likely. But it has now been on the market for 125 days and came down to $1.495M a week ago, down from $1.675 originally.

  6. Fluj- That’s pretty insightful on 39 Havens. But, would you mind clarifying what you mean by “no development” is going to be likely? Do you mean that a significant cosmetic remodel could not be done because of the logistical difficulties of getting materials to the site? Or are you talking about a more dramatic overhaul?


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