Thanks to Fluj for putting up some good content while I was away! I’m (almost) ready to go with some new posts (need to figure out how to perfectly resize photos, and a few other things on this here Mac.) In the meantime, relax with a cocktail, I’ll be back at it by Monday (hopefully).

I’m having a Bombay Sapphire and Tonic.

What are you having?


  1. Tanqueray & Tonic (b/c Bombay Sapphire is a little flowery for me)

    love the odwalla

    rum & coke is for college kids

    nice name dropping w/ the Blue (I like the Blue but won’t spend my own $$ onit)

  2. For me tonight it is Johny Walker Gold and Chocolate Godiva. Honestly, any of you whiskey heads tried that one? Very nice.

  3. JWG and Godiva = yeah. I tried it. It’s pretty good. Diageo is hyping it up and my girlfriend just finished working for them It’s not as good as JWG, ice cold, by itself. Have you tried that?

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