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Adios Coronet!

16121.jpgIt took them ages to get there, but they’ve finally destructed the Coronet Theater on Geary St. “This Streamline Moderne cavern is San Francisco’s Church of the Big-Budget Blockbuster. Both “Star Wars: Special Edition” and “Phantom Menace” made their debuts here, with people camping for weeks in the dumpster-strewn parking lot. Despite its massive appeal, gigantic screen, and state-of-the-art sound system, the Coronet was closed in March 2005 and is slated to be razed for a senior-care facility.”

The facility, the Institute on Aging is now officially under construction and doing some heavy destruction:



If you hurry, you might still be able to project a few hand shadow dogs and bunnies, maybe even a butterfly, on the big screen.


What it will be (photo from SFgate):


Thanks to our reader, AC, for sending the photos!

Holloway and Bixbee: new construction find

There’s just something about seeing naked wood in San Francisco that gets us all giddy.



Maybe it’s the prospect of something entirely new being built in the neighborhoods where we live. Or maybe it’s the fact that when we see something like this, it is clear somebody had the persistence and patience to push their dream (or development) through the city’s red tape. Either way, this home on the corner of Holloway and Bixbee in Merced Heights gives us that funny, good feeling, and it looks to be coming along quite nicely. (Guess that’s why we blog about real estate.) They even spared the white picket fence and arched trellis entrance.

What is perhaps more interesting about this single family construction…it appears to have been torn down to the ground. Not too easy to do in this city. Remind us to update you on this one when it is complete…or maybe you can update us?

-Merced Heights: sfnewsletter Tour de San Francisco (real estate) [sfnewsletter]

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Heritage Marina Hotel going Condo! (2550 Van Ness Avenue)

“An investment group comprised of Canadel Development in Canada, and Polar Investments, an Israeli company controlled by Ziel Feldman, paid $25 million for the hotel. They plan to convert it into 100 luxury condominiums and add additional space. The conversion is expected to take 18-24 months, and cost $54 million.”


“Proceeds from the final sale of the apartments are estimated at $122 million.”

Hats off to Damion Matthews for not only posting this on his site, but quickly sharing the tip with us. In case you didn’t know Damion is a member of our Stammtisch.

I would have to add that anything to improve that eye-sore is a welcome development…well, maybe not anything.

-More New Development News [theFrontSteps]

17th & Clayton Pics of new development and some “luv”

Following up to our post regarding the new construction on the corner of 17th & Clayton, our reader “luv” sent us these pictures:


What this will be is four, 4-level town homes, around 1500-1800 square feet each. Three of the homes will be 3BR/3.5BA, the fourth will be 3BR/3BA. Each home will have two decks, a backyard, parking, high ceilings and superior finishes.

Construction is expected to be completed early 2008; pricing has not yet been determined.

We luv our readers! You keep us going, and you saved us a trip. Thank you!