2901 Broadway, a Google drive-by

We had so much fun comparison shopping with 2901 Broadway (the $55,000,000 listing we have here in San Francisco), we thought why not do a drive by and scare the ___ out of the Gettys and Ellison, and Trainas, who live on this block? Not that kind of drive by, but a Google drive by, with Google’s new “street view” mapping technology that promises to take up hours of your time once you discover it.
In a nutshell, you can search an address, move this little icon onto the map, and voila! You’re street level. Take a stroll down the street by clicking the N,S,E,W arrows, do a 360 degree turn, and zoom in insanely close. This is a Peeping Tom’s delight.
As for real estate, it could mean us Realtors won’t actually have to put you in a car. We’ll just direct you to Zillow, Redfin or PropertyShark.com for all the listings and the comps, send you the link to this street level mapping so you can check out the area, put a Starbuck’s Frappucino (yuck!) coffee card in the mail to you, and consider our 6% made. ;-)
Do the “drive by” by following this link to the corner of Broadway and Baker. Just make sure to stop at all the STOP signs. The neighbors might complain.

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