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Top 10 Underbids | A Medley Of Sorts

Top 10 Underbids | A Medley Of Sorts

When I peruse these top 10 Overbid and Underbid lists that we crank out at The Goods for all of our clients (myself included), I often sit and wonder what is more of a story: A) The ultra modern residence at 748 Treat that clinched this week’s top Underbid spot by selling for nearly 7% […]

March Madness Starts Early In San Francisco | Overbids That Will ...

March Madness Starts Early In San Francisco | Overbids That Will ...

On this rainy March Friday as you sit and wonder about the world outside, what better than some jaw-dropping Overbids to rattle your mental cage. Top of the list this week is 4027 Clement Street, a very awesome little house in the Outer Richmond with a certain “je ne sais quoi” that took it next […]

Please Remove Drying (Marijuana) Plants When Selling Home

Dried herbs, or drying (pot) plants? It certainly can’t be helping the sale of 442 Detroit, but it might be helping the occupants cope with a declining market, or pending eviction. Regardless, it’s “two for one” on this home, so you better get it while supplies last…the homes that is. –442 Detroit [MLS] [Disclaimer: Of […]

149 Mangels, the $524,000 “dump” that slid away…...

The money Realtor quote, “We just sold this dump for $125,000 over asking price! Imagine what your property is worth!” That dump was “built in 1909 and completed in 1910 for $750”, came on the market for $400,000 (memory tells me it was actually $399k), and sold for $524,500. In case you missed the article […]

149 Mangels…Before, After, and What Could Have Been

Before: After: What could have been: We can’t emphasize enough, the importance of inspections, and hiring qualified professionals to do renovations for you. Sold in December 2006 for $524,250, and yes…it was overbid from $399,950.  What a shame.  A total and complete shame.  So sad.  –Home Collapses in Sunnyside Neighborhood in SF [sfgate] –Getting Back Your […]

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