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Going Up theFrontSteps | #BigAl

Going Up theFrontSteps | #BigAl

To think, I didn’t even have to pay these guys to do this. Must be the high altitude and thin air at Alta Ski Area making these jokesters think like Top Producers: Sometimes we all feel like this in this crazy real estate market. Follow up…they found The Goods (albeit a bit dirty and not […]

13 Ways To Say The Same Thing…”Bring Me An Offer!R...

Given the recent amount of junk Realtor mail flooding our inbox, we thought it high time to see how many different ways Realtors can slice the same pie. Awards should be given, but we’ll save those for our Sexiest Realtor Contest which will begin in earnest next week (lots of pretty faces out there!). So […]

Strippers Wanted For “Entertaining” Prospective Clien...

Oh this is good. Do you want to be an “entertainer”, get people wasted, and take their money? Well, you’re in luck. You don’t have to be a stripper to land this job. You can be a Realtor’s assistant! From the Craigslist Ad: Models Wanted for Happy Hour Events Date: 2009-11-16, 9:00AM We are looking […]

What’s That Saying? Either _____ Or Sell The Pot?

Apparently Mr. Kirkpatrick has failed repeatedly to remove his Open House signs, so our reader sent us this picture in an effort to light a fire under his a$$ (no pun intended). We’d be willing to bet it works. [Update: One day later, we’re told the signs are gone. Funny how that works…]

Pssst…Can You Step A Little To Your Right?

You gotta have faith, and a good photographer to get just the right light and angle when capturing the essence of a property to help it sell. Good marketing remarks help too: “View of neighbor”: Let’s hope he’s not the neighbor, cuz that’s getting a bit too close. –140 Faith, $760,500

Things We Love About Real Estate: The Realtor Voicemail

Is it just us, or do Realtors always feel they have to let the world know they wouldn’t for a second think about doing anything but working? Case in point, the Realtor voicemail. Try this for fun. Pick a Realtor, any Realtor (preferably a “top producer”…such a bogus title, but we won’t go there), and […]

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