Please Remove Drying (Marijuana) Plants When Selling Home

Dried herbs, or drying (pot) plants? It certainly can’t be helping the sale of 442 Detroit, but it might be helping the occupants cope with a declining market, or pending eviction.

Regardless, it’s “two for one” on this home, so you better get it while supplies last…the homes that is.

442 Detroit [MLS]

[Disclaimer: Of course we don’t know whether that is pot or not, and we’re not saying it is, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.]

One thought on “Please Remove Drying (Marijuana) Plants When Selling Home

  1. looks like lavender. you guys are idiots.

    [Editor’s Note: It’s a joke, but thanks for lightening up and being original with your attack. Idiot is a new one.]

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