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Heated discussions, a good question, a fair bet, and some comparison shopping has gotten me all worked up. In an effort to get ready for the weekend, help relax, lighten the mood up, and forget about the market and real estate, we invite you to check out:

Zebda – Tomber la chemise

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What does this have to do with real estate? Absolutely nothing, and that’s the point. A little Ska can help anything, at least I think so.

Have a good weekend! Thanks for checking us out.

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Another Stammtisch question: Should the full MLS be available to the public?

In one of our recent posts wondering why realtors are arrogant and a$$holes, Eddy brought up the topic of MLS, “It’s a separate discussion; but the full MLS should be available to consumer(s) on a subscription basis.”

Should it?

The Montgomery (74 New Montgomery) 107 New condo residences

“Unveiled to San Francisco in 1914 as The Call Building, The Montgomery has long been an architectural gem. Now, having undergone a [$70MM conversion from office to residential space], seismic retrofit, and complete interior redesign, The Montgomery combines the finest elements of interior modern craftsmanship to complement its elegant architectural exterior. It stands as the ultimate expression of city living. Timeless character with a bold new expression.” And we got the scoop, so read on!

themontgomerymap.jpg Continue reading The Montgomery (74 New Montgomery) 107 New condo residences

“Why are Realtors so arrogant and such assholes?”

I can’t believe I am going to print this letter to the Editor, because, well…we’re mostly a community of Realtors bringing this information to you. But, I think there may be something to gain from this little quote if we get some good comments.

“Dear Editor,

I really like your blog and think it is a great resource and nice to see a Realtor trying to do something other than just sell, sell, sell, and cheer the market on. But maybe you can help me answer this question, why are Realtors so arrogant and such assholes? I mean, driving around in the bling, bling cars all the time. Constantly talking on the phone about loans, property features and what they’re worth, clients’ needs, etc., in the most un-private of locations (bathrooms, checkout lines, airports.) Always interupting a good conversation when the phone beeps, vibrates, or rings with “I gotta take this call…” Is it really that important?  Why do they think they are so cool? Other professions have their arrogant pricks too (attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs), but Realtors somehow seem more obnoxious. Maybe it is the easy money you guys make.  Or maybe, you all truly are a bunch of assholes. Anyway, just thought you could shed some light on the matter for me.


Justin T.”

I’m hoping we can gain some insight into where the disconnect often lies between Realtor-client, Realtor-public.  Why is there such a negative perception  placed on Realtors?  I hope we can learn things like how we can better serve you during a transaction, rather than just “making easy money” (it’s never easy money by the way). How can we earn our commissions in your eyes?  Things we can do during the process of buying/selling your home for you that would make a difference. Things you like to see in our advertising. Things you like at the close of a transaction…that kind of stuff.

By giving you this open forum, I’m hoping you’ll spread the word, link to this post, and give some good feedback.  The more the better.

If somebody (Justin T.) feels strongly enough to write us with this question, I’m assuming he/she is not alone.  So let ‘er rip!


Alexander Clark

-Should the full MLS be available to the public? [theFrontSteps]

“boomtime” on 1771 Northpoint…an update

We won’t even come close to taking credit for this catch. All credit goes to “boomtime”, who, if he/she would like, definitely has a seat at the Stammtisch.

1771 North Point is in contract after 2 weeks on the market for public showing!

Wagers? I guess $4.65 mil.”[asking $4,995,000]


-MLS Statement

-1771 North Point, a quick follow up [theFrontSteps]

-1771 NorthPoint, a “first look”… [theFrontSteps]