Re-run: NYTimes Interactive Graph, rent vs. buy

It seems we have many, many new readers who may or may not have seen our original post as to whether it is better to rent or buy. In some of your comments regarding the “California Real Estate Crisis” , the topic has come up again, so we thought we’d give you another shot at playing with the graph.


You can change almost all the fields you see on that graph and many, many more. If you are at all interested in figuring out if you should buy a house, or continue to rent, (or sell your house and start to rent) you owe it to yourself to follow the link. 

Maybe it’s time to buy some rental property?

Interactive Graph [New York Times]

What a buzz-kill, but does it apply to San Francisco [theFrontSteps]

3 thoughts on “Re-run: NYTimes Interactive Graph, rent vs. buy

  1. The key variable here is your TAX RATE. If you are in a high tax bracket i.e. making more than $200K or $360,000 at the top, it behooves you to buy.

    If you aren’t making more than 200K, and are short term, stay renting.

  2. The calculator does not make it clear that it is factoring in the price of maintaining a 100 yo box of wood that has been sitting in the rain. The renter has no additional expenses while the box-owner has an endless list of maintenance expenses year after year.

  3. um… it does factor in remodeling as well as maintenance costs. it’s under the advanced settings. you can even adjust them as you like.

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