Hug it out…

Heated discussions, a good question, a fair bet, and some comparison shopping has gotten me all worked up. In an effort to get ready for the weekend, help relax, lighten the mood up, and forget about the market and real estate, we invite you to check out:

Zebda – Tomber la chemise

[this is a music video]

What does this have to do with real estate? Absolutely nothing, and that’s the point. A little Ska can help anything, at least I think so.

Have a good weekend! Thanks for checking us out.

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2 thoughts on “Hug it out…

  1. It’s got everything to do with real estate. They’re acting like a moving company! Thanks for the video, thanks for doing something fresh. Fun song! Keep up the good work. Very unique approach to a real estate blog.

  2. I should bought this house for $2.3 million a year or so ago. It’s a little quirky back then, but now…. primo.,-N208830,-N,-A,-N9275940

    Here’s an example of why Redfin (i love the concept) is going to screw over the seller. At 1,500sqft for $1.795 million, one is left asking, ‘where’s the second floor’? I can’t imagine ‘Max’ at Redfin consulted the seller and said, “yes, $1,200/sqft is a very reasonable price, especially with the view across the st.” Any reasonable agent would have consulted to list the house at perhaps $1.475 million or so, and let the market rip. Instead, this is bound for the Stalefish pages.,-N207812,-N,-A,-N9275940

    [Editor’s note: Boomtime, if you ever want something posted, and not just shown in comments, email me and I’ll gladly put it up. That is the whole point of this site. Sharing, and getting yourself in the Stammtisch…where you’re comfortably seated. It’s pretty simple here…get to the Stammtisch, be free to post.]

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