Oh Kronos!

The Kronos House, 610 Rhode Island is on the market for $2.3MM, but unfortunately for you, the line starts behind us, we have first dibs.




“More than 15 years after its completion, the Kronos House – designed by Maybeck Award-winning architect Daniel Solomon – is still a stand-out in Potrero Hill. Commissioned by a founder of The Kronos Quartet, this avant-garde residence resonates of the San Francisco pop culture salon that has assembled under its roof – the intersection of Grammy-Award winning music, architecture, art, sculpture, technology and motion pictures.

A black-shingled façade is marked by large central windows divided by a chimney and flanked by 20 small square portals that deliberately undermine the three-story building’s sense of scale. Under a central-domed oculus, three bedrooms coexist with the dramatic entertaining space created by Italian plaster, perforated galvanized metal and 24-foot ceilings.”

We need not say more. The pictures and description speak for themselves. Well, maybe we’ll tell you it last sold in 1999 for $1.4MM, and spent 130 days on the market. It will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

610 Rhode Island [mls]

610 Rhode Island [Sothebys]

6 thoughts on “Oh Kronos!

  1. I know the house, love the ‘hood and have clients on the block — I’d love to see it sell for asking as it sets an incredible price point for Potrero Hil luxury homes — That said, I think 2.3M is a tad high. Consider what you can get for 2.3M in Noe / Bernal / Glen / NOPA / Cole Valley, etc. The house isn’t great for kids/ families — so it has to be a lifestyle purchase.

    I’ll venture out on a limb — 65 days on the market, 1.99M.

    Can’t wait to take a peak!

  2. Don’t know much about Portrero but it seems like a cool place. Not a big fan of the giant chimney up the back window and good luck getting a nice car in the garage. This is going to sit for a while; but I think it will go for over $2M


  3. Are we taking bets? I say it will go over asking in under 30 days.

    [Editor’s note: Y’all can do whatever you want. We’ll moderate, and claim the winner if/when it sells. We might even throw in a prize.]

  4. Oh yeah. From the inside it reminds one of the bleak, windswept auditorium full of cloned zombies in Apple Computer’s famous 1984 Mac ad.

    If I bought this house first thing I’d do is bash my skull repeatedly into the grey concrete walls so at least my gushing blood would add a jaunty splash of colour, rendering the alt-poseur gloom less depressing.

    But that’s just me

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