1. I predict a confidential sale amount! Actually, I’m very curious to the outcome here. After the place sold down the street for ~5% under asking at 2.85ish something…. anything is possible here.

    It could easily go for asking here, or even above as the market for triple mint housing is big and the supply is small. That said, $5m would be a high water mark for sure.

    No matter what this sell for its going to be a grandslam for the mother/daughter team that took at $1.7m dump and put in 1.75-2.25m in this place and are going to see a ~1M+ profit on what was probably a highly leveraged project. Quite an accomplishment!


  2. The great thing about this site Alex, is that you actually point out real examples of properties that people actually want to live in. Whereas Socketsite just likes to highlight overpriced after overpriced SOMA condos. From the inside, I know Socketsite’s mission has always been to try and bash the SF housing market, but ironically, they are finding it harder and harder to do now that prices have continued to rise. They continue to keep censoring posters who show positive examples, or who have positive things to say about the housing market.

    Socketsite has gotten better at highlighting some places where people actually want to live i.e. Noe Valley, Pac Heights, Marina, Cow Hollow, Presidio Heights, Russian Hill etc b/c Adam realizes that his site can’t be taken seriously, and he’ll lose revenue if he keeps saying the market is crashing, but Adam seldom follow up on the properties he does mention i.e. 2511 Steiner condos which all sold out in 2 months etc, or 1771 North Point, etc.

    Keep up the good work Alex!

    [Editor’s note:Thank you. I appreciate it, and will continue to do my best, have fun, and ultimately inform our readers. But the real thing to note, is that it is not me that will make this site better. It is readers like yourself, and hopefully many, many more real estate professionals joining in, and sharing information. The one HUGE advantage we seem to have is that we actually go IN property, and are actually WELCOME there. So spread the word! Feel free to tell some of your friends on other blogs that the food is pretty good over here too. ;-) Oh…I took the liberty to edit your comments. Hope you don’t mind.]

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