Tour Friday!

Keeping our ties a little bit in tact with the sfnewsletter, we thought you’d like to know they just posted their Tour de San Francisco (real estate). This week they take a close look at Forest Knolls.

“Forest Knolls is so unbelievably different from any other area in the city, it just blows us away. Homes don’t appear to have been built before 1950, there are duplexes, multi-unit, single family, town homes, and condos. They are very “boxy” and have that mid-century look without the mid-century charm like we saw in Diamond Heights…”

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Public School Assignments are in


So you move to San Francisco, you get out-bid on your first home, then again on your second, and finally you get the home of your dreams, a TIC that just won the condo conversion lottery.  You’re excited about the neighborhood, you’ve seen the school down the street, and Wham!  Reality hits.  Your child might not get in to that school.  Fear not!  The bad news…there is competition for the “most desired” schools.  The good news…if you do your research, you’ll find there are many, many great public schools in San Francisco a short distance from that dream home you just picked up. 

Last Friday, March 16th, the SFUSD mailed to all applicants, notification of their child’s school of assignment (lottery results).  There were many families thrilled their child got accepted into a school of their choice, and many families were utterly disappointed that they did not get so much as one of their seven choices.  Hey, look on the bright side… college applications will be a walk in the park.

Details, details, details [San Francisco Unified School District Website]
-chart pulled from SFUSD website

Score One for the School System

Any of you who live here with children know the headaches the schooling system throws our way. Many, many families leave the city for the very reason that the public school system is lacking. It’s actually not that bad if you do your research, and there are a surprising number of excellent K-8 public schools in the city, not to mention great parks, playgrounds, and a zillion things for kids to do. Middle school is a different story. (This is my opinion.) With a little effort, many families will see that San Francisco is indeed a very good place to be.

“New policy will give small S.F. schools flexibility”–SF Chronicle