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Are Overbids A Result Of Intentional Underpricing? No – It...

It’s happened again – I did a post Friday about the week’s overbids, and the comments and emails immediately come in, “Is this because the owners are listing for under market prices to crest bidding wars?” or “Why do you always highlight overbids? Aren’t these properties underpriced to begin with?” or “These properties are selling […]

San Francisco… You So Bad Ass!

From the San Francisco Association of Realtors: Scarcity of Defaults Demonstrates Enduring Value of San Francisco Real Estate Of all U.S. mortgage holders, about one quarter, or 11.3 million households, is underwater, meaning they owe more than their homes are worth. In California, the percentage is even greater—35 percent. According to First American CoreLogic, the […]

“San Francisco Housing Market Continues To Strengthen”...

This pulled directly from the San Francisco Association of Realtors Newsletter: San Francisco’s Housing Market Continues to Strengthen Unlike Many Other Areas of the Country Falling inventory levels and strong sales activity in December, 2009, helped to drive continued improvement in San Francisco’s housing market, according to the latest Market Focus report issued jointly by […]

Ask Us: Why The Fuss About Noe Valley?

Where readers ask, and we (the community) try to answer: The Front Steps really concentrates on Noe. I live in Noe and understand the attraction and the desirability of neighborhood but I’m not exactly sure why it is the barometer for everywhere else. Can you shed any light on this? Good question. It’s not that […]

Reader Reports: Who’s Getting Your Loan Approved And Why?

“San Francisco’s number one closer”: While you’re at it: Once you are at the link, look for the “7 On Your Side” tab in the Video Library part of the webpage and click it. You’ll see a picture with the heading “Marketing Ploy Disguised as Government Offer” and a HUGE Mike or Darius. That’s […]

Ask Us: “Change in Home Buyer Mentality?”

Where readers ask and we (the community) try to answer: We’re planning to put our house on the marketing in a couple weeks. Have you seen any change in the SF home buyer mentality resulting from the recent news from Wall Street? I assume it varries by price range, but I’d be interested in your […]

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