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Mission District “Is Our Backyard”-Says Potrero Hill

[Image Source] Every so often older posts get comments that are so good, I just can’t pass up posting them right front and center on the home page. This one came in on an old post we did about La Mission District and just how cool it is. Sorry Mission District, according to this Potrero […]

What’s That Saying? Either _____ Or Sell The Pot?

Apparently Mr. Kirkpatrick has failed repeatedly to remove his Open House signs, so our reader sent us this picture in an effort to light a fire under his a$$ (no pun intended). We’d be willing to bet it works. [Update: One day later, we’re told the signs are gone. Funny how that works…]

Reader Reports: Who’s Getting Your Loan Approved And Why?

“San Francisco’s number one closer”: While you’re at it: Once you are at the link, look for the “7 On Your Side” tab in the Video Library part of the webpage and click it. You’ll see a picture with the heading “Marketing Ploy Disguised as Government Offer” and a HUGE Mike or Darius. That’s […]

Get While The Gettin’s Good: Sell Now Or Forever Hold Your ...

We’ve been on a lot of listing presentations lately where the motivation to call us in off the bench has been, in so many words: We’re thinking we should sell our place now before it gets any worse. The media (and certain local real estate blogs) are certainly good at creating panic, and Realtor blogs […]

Reader Reports: A Walk Up The Hill (Clipper)

We love our readers and we love when they report back to the mother ship. This from “Sophie” who decided to take a walk up the hill (slightly edited for flow, and links added to properties mentioned). “Restless kids, so-so weather: A great day for a walk uphill! 532B Clipper – TIC – $499,999 This […]

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