Marin gets More Modern (as in a new office)

From the press release: Marin Modern Real Estate, an independent residential real estate brokerage and leading authority on modern and mid-century modern homes in Marin and San Francisco County, announced the opening of a new office in San Rafael, California. Since we’re spreading the love about them, maybe they’ll spread the love and keep us … Continue reading Marin gets More Modern (as in a new office)

News from Marin of the $65M Kind

“The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the gorgeous Belvedere estate known as Locksley Hall has found a buyer. Why is that news? Because it sold for the full asking price of $65 million! When the sale closes in January, it will be the highest residential real estate sale in northern California, passing a … Continue reading News from Marin of the $65M Kind

Suckers for Mid-Century Modern

If you want to guarantee your spot on our front page, you need only include two words (or is that three?)…Mid-Century Modern. Our reader notes that it “looks like prices might finally be coming down a bit in Marin”, but we have no way of knowing for sure as we generally don’t have our finger … Continue reading Suckers for Mid-Century Modern

In Marketing, Less is More

Our neighbor’s (Tiburon) “back yard”. (Yes, that is the Golden Gate Bridge on the right, and the city of San Francisco just left of center.) In case you are wondering, that back yard could be yours for $7,650,000, and you get 5300 square feet of “Romantic View Property” to go with it. Can’t afford to … Continue reading In Marketing, Less is More