Eichler Friday

We love it, and it’s only $660,000! Eichler fans delight in the newest gem to hit the block (outside of San Francisco of course), 104 Golden Hinde Blvd, Terra Linda a 4 bed, 2 bath original condition Eichler ready for you to buy for us. Ahhh, nothing like a few Eichler photos to take you to the weekend
[Update: “Eichler-mania is alive and well. 3 offers on this place before the first open house.”-says someone close to the sale:



As always, you can contact us if you’d like more details. What a cool home!

10 thoughts on “Eichler Friday

  1. I don’t get eichler mania. Are they like the 80s, where you need to have lived through them to really understand them?

  2. it seems so star trek. i can just about see the cap’t kirk/hot green alien chick action in those white bucket-like chairs.

  3. The only problem is you have to live in Terra Linda.
    If I could find this in say, Forest Hill, at this price point, well that would be exciting.
    Anyways this one will be bid up. I’m going with $750k as the expected final purchase price.

  4. What’s nice about this Eichler is it hasn’t been messed up. Many of the homes in this tract have been “improved” to the point they are unrecognizable as Modern homes.

  5. Auden — Definitely not the 1980’s. Eichler is a famed architect who built from the 1950s to the late 1970s. The Eichler home is part of the “modernist movement” and is highly regarded by critics of architecture and art.

    Eichler was American, but the modenist movement was heavily influenced by the clean lines and simple shapes of Western and Northern European architects and artists.

    An Eichler home definitely has tons more character than the regular cookie cutter blah.

  6. Eichler houses are many things, but ‘dark’ is certainly not one of them, since they have so much glass and very little to obstruct the sun. Too *much* light is a more typical complaint than too dark.

    How did house design go so wrong that we ended up with endless McMansions and Faux Chateau’s rather than something elegant like an Eichler?

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