Suckers for Mid-Century Modern

If you want to guarantee your spot on our front page, you need only include two words (or is that three?)…Mid-Century Modern.

Our reader notes that it “looks like prices might finally be coming down a bit in Marin”, but we have no way of knowing for sure as we generally don’t have our finger on the pulse up there (yet).

And the agent notes: “This (non-Eichler) mid-century home will be hitting the market later this week ($925,000), however I thought I would let you know about the property in advance just in case you, or someone you may know, might be interested.”

Our reader obviously knows someone interested, and our sweet spot, so this agent now enjoys a bit of free promo of that sweet pad. Dibs on those chairs.

[Update 1/14/2008: Price reduced to $895,000]

Agent site/listing

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One thought on “Suckers for Mid-Century Modern

  1. It took 6 months of religiously going to open houses for my friends living in Marin to find a house very recently. They said they were being outbid on the prime houses by several people and they weren’t being all that conservative in the offer prices. The house you have listed is nice, but not in a good school district which is key in family oriented Marin. Properties in Marin seem congruent to SF in that the good ones are still selling well.

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