A $1 Million SF Eichler Condo? It’s Real

Here we have a new listing for a three bed, two bath condo at 66 Cleary Court #305 that drops a tantalizing name, calling this an “Eichler-designed condo.” Is it true? Joseph Eichler did not create many homes in San Francisco compared to his work in Southern California and the larger Bay Area, but there … Continue reading A $1 Million SF Eichler Condo? It’s Real

Why Everyone Loves Eichlers

Joseph Eichler built some 11,000 homes in the course of his career, and now nearly 50 years after his death his Eichler homes still exert a powerful effect on the popular imagination. In short, people love Eichler homes, noted for their open floorplans, large atriums, and mingling of indoor and outdoor space, to name a … Continue reading Why Everyone Loves Eichlers

Rare Russian Hill Eichler Condo

This 2-bedroom, 2 bath, 26th floor condo gives some lucky San Franciscan the chance to live in an historical Eichler building. Named the Eichler Summit, the 32-story building is an icon in the Russian Hill skyline. Tasteful updates leave way for the original Eichler style of open floor plans, lots of glass and natural tones … Continue reading Rare Russian Hill Eichler Condo

Claude Oakland Designed Mid Century Eichler In Marin

Oh if we had time to publish these things when they’re hot off the presses. Oh well, we’re still fans of all things architecture, especially when Eichler is involved, so we’ll throw them up for your delight. Coming soon to the Lucas Valley (Marin) real estate market (and what we’d almost consider an epicenter of … Continue reading Claude Oakland Designed Mid Century Eichler In Marin

Suckers For Eichler

We (courtesy of Renee) gladly give you a preview to a new Eichler coming to the market. Now, of course, when we say “new” Eichler we don’t mean they’re building more, we mean, it’s a new listing. Here is your chance to take a peek before the masses: The deets: –25 Bolanos Drive, Marin County … Continue reading Suckers For Eichler