News from Marin of the $65M Kind

“The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the gorgeous Belvedere estate known as Locksley Hall has found a buyer. Why is that news? Because it sold for the full asking price of $65 million!


When the sale closes in January, it will be the highest residential real estate sale in northern California, passing a 2000 record of $52.5 million in Woodside. The listing agent, Olivia Decker of Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty, was unable to give any other details of the sale to the Journal.” -Damion Matthews, SF Luxe



That’s definitely news, and look forward to the buyer lifting contingencies, but we still want to know who is the sexiest Realtor in San Francisco, so send us your pic(k)s.

Mining Magnate sets $65M sale [The Wall Street Journal]

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4 thoughts on “News from Marin of the $65M Kind

  1. This makes some of our North Carolina luxury estates look inexpensive

    and some of ours are quite spectacular.

  2. Using standard commission structures, what would an agent typically pocket on a $65 million sale? $900k?

  3. I will give a North Carolina perspective, but I am certain it applies

    universally. First of all, commissions are negotiable, even on lower

    priced homes. Obviously, on a multi million dollar property, the commision

    rate can be smaller and still yield a high dollar amount. That being said,

    the higher dollar properties often are on the market for over a year, and

    and advertising expenses can be enormous, with no guarantee of

    recouping expenses. There are many factors that will play into the

    commission negotiation, such as the location and features of the property,

    the motives of the seller, the desire for exposure of the listing agency, etc.

    Supply and demand is always factored in. That one of a kind home with

    a breathtaking view is like a precious gem. Someone with the means will

    always want it. So the answer to your question is, there is no typical

    commission amount.

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