Vote Now! San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor Contest 2008 Is ON!

[Update: It is is 5:48pm PST, and we’ve received a few emails regarding the polling. Yes, the provider (PollDaddy) was down for maintenance today, and yes the voting appears to not be working (performs differently than what you might be used to), but votes are tallying. Thena Luu DiNapoli has a commanding lead at the moment, and to reiterate, votes ARE tallying.]

It has arrived! The moment we have been waiting an entire year to experience again…voting for San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor 2008. Thank you to those that submitted your nominations, and thank you, in advance, to our participants for having a little fun with us. Voting will be open all week (until Saturday 12/20 at 11:59pm), and the winner will be announced Monday 12/22, so contestants have plenty of time to gather crucial votes.

What’s at stake? The title of San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor, and this year…the grand prize Real Estate Sucks” t-shirt (for the losers a “Real Estate Sucks” t-shirt ;-) .)

One big change this year is we’re using Poll Daddy for voting. You can check back to see how the competition is unfolding by clicking on the “view results” link within the poll, and your voting privacy is totally, 100% guaranteed. However, we’re going to disable the “view results” feature on Thursday (you know, build a little suspense).

So…without further adieu, we present the nominees for theFrontSteps’ Sexiest Realtor Contest 2008.

[See daily updates at the bottom of this post.]

Women first (of course):

San Francisco's Sexiest Realtor 2008 (Women)

Please vote for your favorite (sexiest) female Realtor using this poll:

…and of course, the men:

San Francisco's Sexiest Realtor Men 2008

Please vote for your favorite (sexiest) male Realtor using this poll:

Are we going to see another battle of brokerages like we saw last year, or simply a battle of individuals? Time will tell. Thanks for participating, and thanks for hanging out on theFrontSteps.

Our apologies to Tiffany Combs. Your nominators failed to send a link to a picture and we couldn’t find you anywhere! (Time for a lesson in SEO.) Apologies also to the contestants that didn’t get nominated in time. We’ll see you same time, same place next year.

[Update 1: Voting is reaching a furious pace, with over 3000 votes tallied so far (men and women), Miyuki Takami holds a commanding lead, although she lost it in a late day strike yesterday from Lee Bender. Thena Luu DiNapoli a close third and Jennifer Martin right behind. For the men, Brendon Kearney is hitting it out of the park, followed by Ron Whitney in second, and defending champ Mark Choey in third. Brother Kevin Kearney not fairing so well in last place…you gonna take that sh*t!
Voting multiple times for the same person is not necessary and one would argue an enormous waste of your time. ;-) Check back for more updates. ]

[Update 2: The number of votes continues to surprise (even though we know some of you are voting over and over again). So far the women have received 4116 Votes, the men 2946. Miyuki Takami still out front for the women with 1350, Lee Bender close behind in second with 942, Thena Luu DiNapoli closing in with 792, and Stasi Martin bringing up the rear in last place with 7 votes. For the men Brendon Kearney in front of his brother (guess he isn’t going to take that sh*t after all) with 883 votes, Kevin Kearney with 439, Ron Whitney in third with 419, and defending Champ Mark Choey slipping into 5th! Bringing up the rear for the men is Kevin McLeod with 11 votes. Voting open all week, so lots of time for things to change.]

[Update 3: Wow! What a turn of events yesterday. The women continue to outpace the men in regards to number of votes cast (5921), but the men are gaining (5522), and Brendon Kearney got clobbered off the top spot first by Milko Encinas (who we’re informed works for Herth Real Estate), and now Rob La Eace is crushing all of them. (He must have a good campaign manager.) Defending champ Mark Choey slipping, slipping, slipping off the charts, where last year he dominated. As we said to Kevin Kearney, “you going to take that sh*t?!”

For the women, Lee Bender has unfortunately slipped from strong second place position, down to third despite her email comment leaked to us saying, “Dontcha think it would be cool if an old bag like me actually won?” Thena Luu DiNapoli is clawing her way to the top (currently in second), and Miyuki Takami hanging on for dear life in first place.

We were going to disable the “view results” feature today, but have decided not to. Instead, we have allowed you to see the number of votes cast, not just percentages. And in response to many inquiries regarding the ability to vote multiple times, see our Editor’s Note in this comment. Basically, in order to allow more than one person to vote from the same computer (think offices where multiple people share the same computer with the same IP) we had to enable this function. Maybe next year we’ll kill it, but the playing field is even regardless, and some people just have more fanatic fans than others. Nothing we can do about that. That’s all for today, polls close Saturday night at 11:59pm. Good luck to all!]

[Update 4: This will be the last update before going quiet on y’all and watching the votes ourselves. Yup, very soon we’re disabling the “view results” and will keep a close eye on them without letting you in on the action. At this moment, both races (men and women) are coming down to just two. Mia Takami in first by only 20 votes…actually, we take that back, it’s back up to a 400 vote lead, wow! For the men, Rob La Eace in a commanding lead over Milko Encinas, but if Mia can get 400 votes within the hour, anything is possible for Milko, and even Brendon who is only slightly behind Milko in third. There have been more than 24,000 votes cast, which is truly remarkable and we can only pray there aren’t a handful of people just voting over and over again. Our website traffic would indicate the contrary. Thanks for all of the participation, we’ll announce the winner on Monday. Voting stops 11:59pm tomorrow (Saturday 12/20). Good luck! Don’t forget to get a T-shirt on your way out.]

[FINAL UPDATE: Milko Encinas wins for the guys, Mia Takami for the girls. Thanks for participating and having a little fun!]

[Editor’s note: As always, comments are currently open, but in order to preserve the integrity of this site and our contestants, we’re keeping a close eye on comments. That means, please keep comments civil (as in you wouldn’t talk like that in front of your mother, grandmother, or children, and you’d be embarrassed as hell if we made your identity public next to what you said, because it is very possible to do so. Thank you for your cooperation.]

The contestants and their sites:
Thena Luu DiNapoli; Linda Ho; Christiane Gigas; Sheldon Rilliet; Jenn Davis; Shawn Case; Casey Fulford; Carrie Buchanan-Goodman; Elle Ghandi; Helen Dias; Par Hanji; Ron Whitney; Erica Elsner; Marika Fishman; Alejandro Quenta; Maximillian Armour; Staci Martin; Miyuki “Mia” Takami; Kevin McLeod; Frank Nolan; Rob La Eace; Milko Encinas; Wendy Vandersteen; Chris Lim; Emily Dunn; Cindy Lynch; Jennifer Martin; Lamisse Droubi; George Limperis; Ron Sebahar; Marla Moresi-Valdes; Mark Choey (defending champ); Lee Bender; Colm Glass; Kenneth Kohlymyer; Marina Gershberg; Herman Chan; Brendon Kearney; Kevin Kearney; Oliver Burgelman.

60 thoughts on “Vote Now! San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor Contest 2008 Is ON!

  1. Mia Mia Mia can’t you see..
    Sometimes your advice just hypnotizes me..
    And I just love your insightful ways..
    Guess that’s why they broke and you’re so paid

    Let’s write that offer!!

  2. Alejandro is no longer at Zephyr or in real estate … FYI.

    [Editor’s note: Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, but he’s still on Zephyr’s site, so we’re going with that.]

  3. As everyone knows Marika gets my vote, but I see the cuteness factor in Mia for sure.
    Surprised to see helen Dias with <1% though,s hes got that Penelope Cruz thing going on.

  4. If forced to ignore each candidate’s competence and marketing ability and strictly focus on “appearance” (crazy as these contests are), I would have to ignore the thumbnail photos and base my vote on personal encounters:

    Miyuki “Mia” is simply stunning (her wit and sense of humor are “cute” but her presence is almost intimidating). Like a model, but with the skills of a seasoned real estate professional. Can we get back to closing deals now?

  5. Has jennifers martins photo changed?
    was this done at her own request?
    I don’t get the Lee Bender thing, at all really.

    [Editor’s note: Yes, her photo changed as we found out she is indeed still an agent (at Zephyr) and were given her current photo, not the one we photoshopped from last year’s contest. Not at her request, but if so, do you really think we would say no to a face like that? You must be studying the photos closely to notice the swap. ;-) Nice work. ]

  6. Thena Luu is indeed quite hot, but now married???????????

    What was she thinking??
    Realtors still get married??

    Have the attorneys left the state?
    Is Love still alive in CA RE?

    Gotta be a reality show concept in here somewhere.

  7. jenna….

    great idea! send that idea on to bravo! sF agent love/sex reality show. perfect.

    i do know, for fact, there are plenty of romances… eeewwwwww. ;)

  8. I’m not suggesting a complete disqualification…

    But were all the contestants allowed to bring “props and pups” to the photoshoot?

    What’s with the cute canines?
    Whose beauty are we voting on here?

  9. Is Thena Dinapoli mix? Or is that her husband’s last name?

    Stock market on fire, and 30-yr mortgage rates are at 5.25% with no points now. HALLELUJAH!!!!

    [Editor’s note: Married name…]

  10. Cutie Fluj only has <1%? Unbelievable. You go big boy! Love your commentary. I bought in 2007 based on your advice and I’m up big time on my investment. The bears need to go.

  11. Just wanted to say how awesome this site is.

    I’m so happy about the buyer’s market these days, and I haven’t found a good site to illustrate this until now!! I must give most of this credit to fluj, hence my homage via my moniker.

    Anna, you go girl! No enemy here!! Flujster is the master!!!

    [Editor’s note: Care to share your a.k.a?]

  12. LOL Editor. As a six year veteran of real estate, I’d love to hear your rants on the joys of real estate as an investment. Meanwhile, continue to fiddle on the RE sex fest while your industry crumbles.


  13. This site is great!!11Elventy!

    Props to Flujer?Q!!@

    I lern much here!

    Rel Estaters TM are super smart on this site.

    UP UP UP, and away!!

    [Editor’s note: …again, care to share your a.k.a, cuz you’re not fooling us.]

  14. The language and timing of this poster pretty closely mirror what someone on another site that shall remain nameless has to say. Over there he/she has more decorum, but pretty much still hates me. I “advised” specific people to buy. R.E. only goes “up up up,” etc etc. It’s all baloney.

    Calling others “idiots” when you yourself have adopted a Bizarro world, vitriolic persona, and riff on someone else’s screen name? Yeah. Great. Greeaaaaaaaaaaaaat. As in petty, and very weird. It goes back a long time at this point too. I picture the type of person who invents computer viruses for fun, still plays Dungeons and Dragons at age 34, and keeps the shades drawn over the tiny porthole window of the (deeply disappointed) parental units’ basement apartment.

  15. Fluj, You pretty much got it handed to you at SS. The fact that an agent doesn’t understand economics/finance is one thing, but I got to hand it to you for your ability to delude yourself into believing in an alternate reality.

  16. There’s no point in bashing anyone over market predictions. As an investor, I’ve known over 100 realtors in my career and have yet to meet one who could truly predict near-term market fundamentals.

    This one is for free:
    12-18 months before we see a significant recovery. Recent Fed/Treas moves are finally impacting mortgage rates (risk spreads). Congress will FORCE banks to lend as a condition of continued support. Prices probably have another 10-15% decline ahead before consumer confidence and job losses bottom.

    Enjoy the ride and stay in front of your clients. They need good solid advice and a new level of hand holding. Real estate is a cycle and opportunities abound in good times and bad.

  17. I actually read it on this site, but it is worth repeating:

    Lower rates
    Stabilizing prices
    Easier underwriting
    reduced supply (fewer displaced owners)
    New housing friendly administration

    “wait-and-see” will soon be replaced with “now-or-never”

    Are you ready to start buying ahead of the recovery? Know your clients. they need you.

  18. Der Foolj, are you suggesting we should not have fun because our industry is crumbling? This contest is about having fun. It’s nice to take a break from all this negativity.

    If you don’t want to be a part of it then why are you a part of it? Complaining and calling people “idiot?” How old are you, 12?

  19. For the record…. votes from multiple IP Addresses should be factored to just a single vote. Team Mia is working overtime!

    FWIW…. as someone who actually read most of the flujfest I’ll just chime in and say that fluj always backed his arguments up with market data and research. He never hid the fact that he was an agent; and the fact that he is pro-real-estate for the most part shouldn’t have surprise anyone.

    [Editor’s note: “Votes from multiple IP Addresses should be factored to just a single vote”. Agreed; however, the playing field is even at this point, and if we didn’t allow multiple votes from the same computer (same IP), offices (think real estate brokerages) where multiple people are using the same computer (same IP) would only be able to make one vote per computer (per IP). We have changed the “view results” to allow you to see the number of votes cast, not just percentages, and you can draw your own conclusions about the results. As always, there is a method to the madness on theFrontSteps, and we always like hearing from you Eddy.]

  20. Damn, this is supposed to be just a fun light-hearted contest, but I guess there will always be someone to use these comment areas as a personal battlefield (*cough* fluj *cough*)

    But anyway, have fun everyone (and GO HERMAN!)

  21. Daniel,

    Did you read the thread? I guess not. Some yahoo came at me sideways — like six times — yesterday from out of the blue sky.

  22. Wow, 30yr conforming rates now below 5% with no points with the 10-yr yield at 2.1%. Amazing. Good times are here again.

    Anybody note that rents are continuing to creep higher? That’s what i’ve noticed in Pacific Heights.

  23. Milko, more power to you! keep on shining! you are a very smart, competent and goodlooking (oozing with sex appeal) realtor! May you win!

  24. Would agree on Milko (competent and a looker)…

    If Mark were not running, he would truly stand out. Mark’s got that ‘fine wine’ thing working for him. Better every year and closing like there’s no tomorrow..!

  25. 4yoR, I’ve actually seen rents ebbing a little lower in PH. Looked at a 2400s/f condo for $6k/mo. Would have taken 5k/mo. Lots of room to negotiate on rents right now.

  26. Even more room to negotiate on buying..
    prices are down 20% yoy, 23% from peak and falling like a stone…

  27. NICE PHOTo!


    Thena Luu is arguably just as sexy,
    But that nagging marriage penalty can not be overlooked. Why Thena why?

  28. next year, one vote per IP address please… I bet these savvy real estate agents have personal computers at home, so no need to worry about the shared one at the office…

  29. “Our apologies to Tiffany Combs. Your nominators failed to send a link to a picture and we couldn’t find you anywhere! (Time for a lesson in SEO.)”

    “In response to the editor’s request for Mia’s larger picture, here is her picture: !!!
    [Editor’s note: We gotta say, this goes above and beyond the call of duty. Nice work!]”

    obviously, some realtors know their way around a computer, and some don’t. Reminds me of another race last month…

    Mia, good luck. As for the guys.. my heart is set on the firefighter. You can’t beat him wearing the uniform! (and he’s adorable, patient, etc etc)

  30. Call me politically incorrect, but

    I’m a big fan of the “out of the uniform” look

    There, I said it.

  31. I’m glad you guys aren’t killing the no-limits voting in the middle of this, you SHOULD do it next year so that each vote is really symbolizing ONE persons opinion, though maybe they can chose to vote once a day.

    I’m just glad you pointed out that some of these multiple voters (GUILTY AS CHARGED) are just fanatic fans.

    I’m a hardcore Thena fan and if I have anything to say about it, Thena for the WINZZZ!

  32. Who cares if she’s married?!
    This isn’t “the sexiest realtor singles”?!
    (…but, a hilarious dating site concept, no?)

    Married or not, Thena has that come hither look down pat, she’ll be getting my vote/s.

  33. It should be stated that the contest is just for fun. After reviewing the photos, it is clear that almost anyone on the list could be the winne–as all of the women are very attractive to stunning.

    The extra pictures I found of Thena all had a tuxedoed gentleman with her apparently exchanging vows… so the “come hither” look has gone exclusive.

    The Mia site looks to be the work of yet another exuberant fan/client–which is ironic, as she can be quite shy and would not ever want anyone to promote her on anything other than her hard work and professionism.

    Most, if not all, of the contestants are beautiful and some of the best in the field.. so best of luck to the winner!

  34. Just for fun, yes. Exuberant, yes. Fan, guilty as charged. A misrepresentation of the sum of Mia’s qualities or any other candidate here when taken out of context, I think we know the answer to that.

    Again, just for fun, yes.

  35. For fun yes, but have you gone off of your medication Ms. Margaritaville?

    No misrepresentation and nothing out of context.
    Please get help before the economic recovery.

    Either way… please get help.
    You owe it to yourself and society.

    Thanks for playing and happy holidays.

  36. anyone wiht colored hair (women) or gel (men) should be DQ’d..

    Oh, wait, then there wont be any realtors left in this contest or in business in San Francisco.

    Let the cheesy cheesiness continue.

  37. Anyone who can’t spell “with” can’t qualify to be a Realtor, and should keep his/her job as Cheez Whiz jar filler.

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