Death, Doom, and Destruction

It’s time.  Yes.  It’s time we do it.  Here you have it.  Our top list of Death, Doom and Destruction articles we have found on the web as of late.  (Granted, a few glasses of wine have slipped passed security, so you’re catching us at a weak moment.)  –Late Mortgage Payments Increase Nationwide [Mortgage Bankers Association] … Continue reading Death, Doom, and Destruction

You on the list?

Who’s going to take the cake for buying up all the multi-unit in the city?  Of course they don’t give an award for that, but they should.  Know the answer? Here’s a hint, it kind of rhymes with Bambi, and a previous post, Word on the multi-family street, could provide a clue. When: Thursday, March 22, … Continue reading You on the list?

Now we’re talking!….Bernal again.

Yes please.  We’ll take two.  3335 Folsom, 3 bed, 2 bath, $1,395,000 in Bernal Heights. [pics and info taken from, a member of sfnewsletter] I, as the editor chose this property as a post because it is just plain sweet. This in NOT a paid advertisement for the listing, nor did Tal ask us to post this.  In … Continue reading Now we’re talking!….Bernal again.

Ask an Expert, Is it worth the money in Inner Parkside?

Because of the length of this question, we are not going to do individual posts for each reply.  We will list the question above and each experts answer below.  Thanks, sfnewsletter “What do you think of a property like this? We checked out the open house on Sunday: MLS Listing #320874 Listing #320874 $898,000 (LP)Price/SqFt:  … Continue reading Ask an Expert, Is it worth the money in Inner Parkside?

“California has a lot of strengths, but even so, we’re seeing more of our young people relocate out of state,”

Very concerning quote indeed. BizJournals Article, but look at the alternatives…Wichita, Kansas? No thanks. 10 Most Affordable Markets-You won’t find us in any of those places. 10 Least Affordable Markets-Guess which city is on top? Damn! How’d you know. [All articles taken from…a highly recommended publication!] No they didn’t pay us for that.

Fast Track to Staledom ™

Over on the sfnewsletter we have this little list we call our Stalefish ™. (Properties on the market 100+ days.)  Of course there are ways around hitting our list (“Resetting the DOM to sell Stalefish”-sfgate), but generally, we’ll find them. 177 17th Ave. (TIC) is on that list, but if you take a look at a … Continue reading Fast Track to Staledom ™

Score another one for Bernal

Bernal just continues to shine…of course pricing low and having a great kitchen, views, yard, and location help.  We present: 26 Samoset, a 3 bed, 1 bath, approx. 950 square feet (according to MLS), asking $699,000, sold for $850,000.  Oops!  Should have cleaned up this room and maybe $875,000 was in the cards.  [pics taken … Continue reading Score another one for Bernal

1277 Arguello (Arguello Penthouse) SOLD!

  In another sign of the times, 1277 Arguello (link will expire after 30 days), closed for $1,750,000 after spending 14 days on the market, asking $1,699,000. The place was phenomenal! Anyone who is considering remodeling an old Edwardian building or condo, and might be stumped as to how to “open” it up, create flow, and generally … Continue reading 1277 Arguello (Arguello Penthouse) SOLD!

Pricing and Scoop for 170 Off Third

Follow up to yesterday’s post. Why not start with the name, in case you were wondering.  170 King St., off the third base line or third street, depending on how you look at it. Two entrances, 170 King, and 177 Townsend (sales office)  Database of 4000 “interested” people Fastest selling new development 198 Total … Continue reading Pricing and Scoop for 170 Off Third

1384 Francisco SOLD, and a sign of the times

Three bed, two bath, single family home in the Marina, and apparently not in Liquefaction Zone (per JCP), just sold for $1,851,000.  Asking, $1,850,000.  Last sold in ’04 for $1,650,000.  Great house, great location, good price=excellent deal and happy home owners.   We’re seeing a lot less of the crazy overbids, and more of these little … Continue reading 1384 Francisco SOLD, and a sign of the times

Ask an Expert, New Development Condo or Pacific Heights (Mary Fenton)

“I’m thinking of buying either a condo in one of these new high-rise buildings like Infinity, One Rincon, or Soma Grand, but I love Pacific Heights.  Where do you think I would get the best appreciation?”-Jacki As answered by Mary Fenton of Sotheby’s International Realty If you are buying a condo to live in, … Continue reading Ask an Expert, New Development Condo or Pacific Heights (Mary Fenton)

Clarification on McGoldrick Proposal

Regarding my recent post, McGoldrick Strikes, well not gold that’s for sure it seems there is a bit of confusion regarding whether or not the proposed legislation applies to single family residences.  Yes, the confused includes me.  The answer I received from McGoldrick’s office, is that the intention is not to include single family homes. HOWEVER, the verbiage, … Continue reading Clarification on McGoldrick Proposal

170 Off Third Opens Sales Office March 10th, at 11 a.m.

Rolling out the red carpet this weekend is 170 Off Third, yet another new condo development South of Market.  Sales office opens at 11:00 a.m., located at 177 Townsend.  Amenities: -Club room with screening theater and chef-grade kitchen -Outdoor barbeque area -Roof deck with city views -Fitness Center -Sun deck and lap pool -Landscaped courtyard … Continue reading 170 Off Third Opens Sales Office March 10th, at 11 a.m.

In case you missed it, some STATS & NUMBERS

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2007C.A.R. reports sales decrease 12.6 percent in January, median price of a home in California at $559,640, up 1.9 percent from year ago LOS ANGELES (Feb. 27) – Home sales decreased 12.6 percent in January in California compared with the same period a year ago, while the median price of an existing … Continue reading In case you missed it, some STATS & NUMBERS